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    Quote Originally Posted by Sporeegg View Post
    Went into a few games last month and I was extremely surprised my prophecy aggro deck was still top tier like it was a year ago. Does this game not have rotation?
    Not yet. It's had about...6 sets, I think? So they might start. I hope not, though. The early mechanics were fun, and encouraged more adaptation for both sides. Someone plays a shout, you know that the shout is going to be stronger the nest time around it becomes relevant, it'll never "sneak up" on you. Same thing with Rally, it's not like you're ever going to be surprised by the fact that they played a 5/5 with Ward on turn 5 because you let their Rally monster keep hitting you. They used slower mechanics, to allow the enemy to come up with a response.

    Now the cards often rely on some form of aggro to be relevant. Personally, I hate the new Wax/Wane mechanic that the opponent can't interact with in any way. Hell, even if there was a trend with Wax/Wane (Wax was good for creating a board state, Wane is good for removal), that'd be enough to justify it (so the opponent knows to prepare their own removal on Wax turns and not play creatures on Wane turns. As it is now, it's basically a complicated method of Enter the Battlefield effects that feels interesting for the person using them, but in no way involves the second half of the people playing the game.

    I'm pretty passionate about player interaction and adaptation, which is the very reason I left Hearthstone and MtG for TESL, but it seems like even TESL is going the route of "good decks play like Solitaire".

    I dunno, we'll see. I'll give it one more set before I try looking for greener pastures. Or maybe the game I'm looking for doesn't exist, and I should just suck it up.

    Prophecy, in particular, should actually be relatively powerful in the current standing of the game, as long-term decks (that is, ones that can best deal with Prophecy) are down, while aggro decks are common and powerful. So stuff your deck full of prophecies, and let your enemy fuel your win condition for you.
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