Yea I immensely enjoy the feeling of "you could easily loose your win con to a prophecied Piercing Javelin." that prevents enemies from going all face but the hasted minions my deck uses pushes it in a very different direction. Yea I like the game but the laddering system is weird. Depending on how MTGA manages its new mastery system (they basically cut their easy system for something more involved) I could switch to Legends completely.

Because the game oddly enough invokes a deeper sense of immersion into the world of Elder Scrolls than any RPG or MMO ever could. It has iconic characters, often the ability synergies are themed in a way that would make a RPG session around my specific game of cards viable. It's not like Magic where you throw Rakdos and Izzet cards together with creatures from Dominaria because it just makes a good aggro deck. There is no different plane. If an Orc Warrior attacks with Werewolf companions it kinda makes sense.