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    Quote Originally Posted by Janwin View Post
    Survival check to see which of the two groups appears to have been larger? I also have Track.

    24 (+4 if any of the group are humans from Favored Enemy)
    Quote Originally Posted by A.A.King View Post
    I was thinking of doing the same thing. Might as well both look, increase our chances of knowing:
    Survival: 40 *+2 from Talgrun*
    I also have track, so an extra +4 if atleast one of them is an arcanist (Favored Enemy)
    The tracks were made by a mixture of horses and camels, and just for future reference, my house rule is that when tracking groups more than half must be a favored enemy for bonuses to apply, otherwise any distinguishing patterns are muddled by the other creatures. It would appear that the party you are tracking is approximately 20 individuals, assuming every mount is bearing a rider and not just baggage. Only about five went southwest while the rest turned southeast.
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