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"Thank you very much for receiving me. I am currently looking for a way to reverse the effects of this magic. At the very least, I am looking for a way to track the creature that was involved in the process to hopefully reverse the whole thing. Do you think you could help me me with either objective?" Luin asks.
(Draconic): "I hope you don't mind this:" *Casts spell*
Spoiler: Spellcraft DC 15
Detect Magic
Conjurer Sepret pauses for half a minute, then continues: If there was a magical effect, it's long gone. I could try Dispel Magic if you wish, but I'd consider it purely for scientific purposes. The chance of it working is effectively nil. Break Enchantment is more likely, I am close but not quite able to cast it myself. The cleric at the nearby temple could, as well as many Loremasters. None for free I'd expect, sadly. As well as likely not today, they'd have to prepare it tomorrow. And to be honest, I'm not overly confident on Break Enchantment. This seems an unusual kind of instantaneous change. Not easy to reverse."

"Long term I'd be asking for better answers from the Loremasters or the Red Wizards. Both study esoteric magic, the former have a powerful cleric of Mystra, who may also understand this better. And I am willing and able to cast dispel magic, free of charge. Is there more detail about how or where this happened?"