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I see. Aerial defenses, I'd assume? she replies, flexing her wings a little. Because depending on how good they are, we could pelt them with dropped rocks from above. Not fast, but distracting and effective.
Jorbis tugs rather strongly at his goatee, gazing into a goblet of wine briefly. He looks up, and says: "No real aerial defense, and from the scouts report not very many humanoids. The southern towers are effectively platforms with low walls for partial cover. The northern two portions are proper buildings ringed with arrow slits, but wouldn't have any real defense against those flying up high enough. Scouting from above should be effective. If you were battering down both gates and portcullis, murder holes would be a real worry from a determined defender. With them apparently burnt to a cinder, it is roughly a 15 foot wide path you could cross quickly. But for the cautious the postern may be best. If you are interested it may be best to leave early tomorrow morning. Even if you left soon it could be pushing dark by the time you arrive. The kind of scouting you are discussing wants solid daylight."

"If you are, we could go to the Master's hall and get a standard adventuring contract this afternoon. Nothing fancy, just clearing the property of undesirables for payment."