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    Razade, The GM

    Tumult lets out what can only be described as an exasperated sigh. The pair of you didn't get off on the right foot from the start, six months down the line hasn't done much to improve the combative (one might say catty) air between you both. The scowl is returned, growing even deeper when you throw your barbs. "Something came up. My love life might be hopeless but one of these days someone'll like me for who I am. With your attitude? You're going to be alone forever. Even the birds have you made."

    He stands slowly, stretching with the scowl still etched on his face. "Inquisitive Bite. You're going to love it."

    The name's well known in San Fran, an east Coast chain run by some big named hero turned business magnate. It's not high class, or even class at all, little more than a fast food chain. One in a long line of "dinner casual" start ups that have grown in popularity over the last ten years as if nicer seats and soft college rock really makes them that much more different than some soulless burger factory with a drive thru and a ball pit.

    True to form, your feet crunch on peanut shells that litter the floor. Part of the "aesthetic", one in a number of dull gimmicks dreamed up in a corporate meeting somewhere to make the place feel authentic and homey. The Halcyon sports jerseys and pictures of some cross eyed dog complete the facade. The place is loud, the food is quick and Tumult sits far enough back that you have to trudge through all of it to reach him. He doesn't say anything, merely sliding a dark red envelope across the table to you. Koto-sensei's personal stamp all over the damn thing.

    It seems, once you get a moment to look it over, you're not off the hook from your last job with the Iron Devil. Sure it's been six months and whatever it was you were there to steal is probably under even more strict security but Koto-sensei is adamant that you're going to get it for her this time. The Iron Devil was a lost cause, the note explains, from the get go. An outside element that the Clan didn't trust from the start. Tumult will be joining you along with a few names you don't recognize. The hit will be tomorrow night so you have time to prepare. The item, no longer at some Wukong Warehouse, has been moved to Monkey Island itself.

    The panels cut to the aforementioned location. In sight of the Monsoon, Monkey Island stands proud. A modern skyscrapper bedecked with greenery, it served as the base of operations for the Monkey King, founder of Wukong Industries. Now it remains as the central hub for the innovative weapons manufacturing company, an indelible stamp of how San Fransapporo has changed just in the past several years.
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