Conditions: Angry, Insecure, Hopeless
Potential: 3/5

"What. THE F**K?*" Tsunami might pull away, but Cindy's hand remains hovering in the air, her attention focused instead on the rapidly disappearing glow of Lightbringer. "I MEAN-BUT-you can't-we'll..." The disjointed sentences trail into nothing as her hand lowers, and she her gaze drops, defeated. In her belt hangs her Nifo Oti, but what use is a sword against a god?

She rubs her hand across her mouth, slowly, and walks over to the burnt patch on the concrete, squatting next to the dark brown smear that appears to be the mortal remains of Coyote Knight. Cindy peers at it for a moment, before cautiously extending one hand to touch, almost immediately sucking it back as the soil sizzles beneath her finger tips. Back in Samoa they'd attended an open air cremation once, so she remembers the smell of something meaty burning, but here the scent is metallic and electric, nothing like what she thought it ought to be. Getting up hurriedly, Cindy shakes her burnt fingers, while she bites the back of her hand and works to hold the vomit in.

Moonshadow's squints slightly, tilting her head to one side, as her stomach turns over and comes rushing up her neck. For a few moments the muscles in her neck work visibly, before she turns and walks towards her sister. There's a forced casualness in her movements as she slowly strolls alongside, before wordlessly reaching for Lanuola's hand**. Cindy stands silently for a moment, before, from one pocket, comes the sound of her phone. Almost idly she picks it up, looks at the caller ID, and raises it to her ear.

"Hey, Tina," there's a long pause before Cindy continues, and muffled, indecipherable sounds of another voice can be heard by passers by, "no, where not dead. Yes I'm fine. Yes Lan's fine..."

*The true significance of this will not be felt by anyone except her sister, who will appreciate that her sister, for all her 'street' vibes, swears only on very special occasions and when she's foolish enough to play those stupid mobile games that her younger sibling seems to love.

**Once again, the sisterly intuition of Lanuola doubtless informs her that her sister is putting on something of act. Also, if she was holding much tighter there would be imminent risk of broken fingers on the part of Sunburst.