Anchored Jack

"That there might be, but I can't say I have a pressing desire to speak to any of them, good or bad. Just in case they change their mind." Although she's also only had one proper experience with Fae Lords, her eye-wings are from a hyper-reality that conflicts constantly with a region of imagination and dream, where fae of various types and powers live. As such, her wings encourage her distaste quite a lot.

Elephants and Goblin

"Oh! Hi Isaac, Iknika. Yeah, I've not really had much opportunity to use this appearance yet, so I thought this would be a good time to try it out." Maybe not for dancing, though. She doesn't feel particularly agile; human or possibly monkey would be better for that. She smiles back at Isaac and Iknika, pleased to see them; she wasn't expecting them to be here, or even anyone she knew. But it seemed an excuse to go out and possibly meet one of the Nexus' rich and famous, even if they do wear masks and it's hard to tell who they are.