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    Elodie Faucher
    the bedlam

    Look: Fairy Tale Chic. Floral/sun-themed hoodies and leggings. Pink hair.
    Eyes: Eager. Green as grass, though sometimes (when she’s being scary) they burn a cold blue.
    Origin: Psychopomp.

    Hot 2
    Cold -1
    Volatile -1
    Dark 1

    Terabithia Golden Bough: when you lead another main character into a supernatural situation, they mark experience and you get a string on them.

    Through the Looking Glass: to slip into another world, such as a fairy court or an afterlife, roll with Dark. On a 10+, you can get by reasonably well there and can make your way back easily. On a 7-9, pick one:
    • You'll need to find another way back.
    • Something slips out (or escapes).
    • You enter your Darkest Self.

    Sex Move: see your partner's world in all its terror and wonder. Add 1 to your next roll to travel there or gaze into it.
    Darkest Self: let all your mundane duties rot in favor of exploration and adventure; encourage your friends to do the same. Escape when you are put in life-threatening danger by your pursuits or when you realize the harm you've dealt by ignoring your problems.

    Timothy: 2 Strings
    Annalee: 1 String
    Carmen: 1 String
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