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Thundermarket Shopping Centre

"The man was a known thief. His face is on a poster on the Street, because he's been seen picking pockets and we have images of him, on camera, taking money from an honest blacksmith." The orc's lying, but he's large and intimidating and is trusting in the fact nobody's going to be willing to go to the Street and find out the truth. When they hear the music change, the orcs pull earplugs from pockets and put them in, though one is headed to the car with a dreamy expression on his face and none of the others have noticed. They're too focused on the crowd before them, and aren't looking at what may be Jaahlyn's car to see it hoisted into the air.
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Thundermarket Shopping Centre

Jaahlyn continues playing until the man is attempting to lift the car.
Welp. So much for that ride.
The boss was not going to be happy with this, she would have to cut her loses right here and now.

She instantly stops playing and pockets her flute before removing her safety-belt. Then as the car is suddenly being lifted, the opens the door and leaps out, running away from the orcs and the crowds.
"Abort, abort. We're pulling out!" She tells the orcs as she hits the speed-dial on her phone.
Thundermarket Shopping Centre

"You hunt thievs?" One of the crowd people asks the orcs "You are ensaving people, go punish yourself for that." The voice from the crowd grew his confidence from the numer and with the people shaking off thecharm their number will be great again. The guy they beat in the building had checked things up, but he isn't here. The crowed won't make a move now. Those not charmed are to less to attack and those charmed try to gather their senses.

The man lifting the car is not so suprised by her escape. he swings the car around and throws it at Jaahlyn, likly missing her by throwing it to far or maybe she just steps to a side.. "Come back villan! Those people aren'r your puppets." It's not like he wants to convince the people on his side, thats mostly done already, but you need to keep it up from time to time.