I will freely admit I am a curmudgeon when it comes to trends, so I have been waiting for a decade for people to get over Charizard (yes I chose Bulbasaur what of it?).

I am mixed on the new mons. The dragon - whatever it is supposed to be - looks like a new Druddigon, which I don't mind. Won't be spammed most likely, but it's a fun design.

The coal pokemon is fun enough. I don't need everything to be top-tier, and I'm probably going to like this better than Gigalith.

I am hugely disappointed in the fairy. I loved how stupid Slurpuff looked, and seeing how this is also a mono-Fairy with the same ability, it seems too copypaste. Yes, yes, at this point there are a ton of copypaste fish & plant pokemon, but still.