If you don't mind an overall lighter system, I recently came up with a bunch of space combat rules for STaRS.

Dogfighting was based on Warbirds. Every round, you roll to see if you're in position to shoot or if you've got an enemy on your own tail. If you win, you get all the usual attack options; if you fail, you get a couple options for how to react that offer different advantages and disadvantages.

Capital ship combat was designed to involve the whole party. The pilot gets to dogfight, the gunners shoot off individual weapon emplacements, and the engineers run around like madmen trying to jury rig repairs.

Fighters are customized pretty much like characters, adding various weapons, skills, powers, and so on. But Capitol ships are laid out on a grid, with specific systems located in specific squares. So not only do you get to design that, but during a battle every point of damage hits a (semi) random square and knocks out whatever system is there.

It's also, you know, STaRS, so it's lightning fast, flexible, and improv-friendly. Basic rules are pay-what-you-want.