Fortunately, the wait didn't take all that long.

About ten minutes after you had all arrived, the Blink Guards' computer system flagged an unexpected teleportation coming into Ilessia from the continent of Peral. You were ready for it, though, and the portal opened immediately, taking you out into the remote northern coast of Lastelle.

You arrived high atop a snow-covered plateau. The night was still and sharp with the bitter cold of a Lastellan winter, the stars above obscured by clouds. There was light though, coming from either side of the plateau, where two of Ilessia's border defense towers shone in the darkness, their light reaching out to sea far enough to cover the full expanse of Ilessian territorial waters. The plateau terminated in a sheer rocky cliff that fell precipitously nearly a thousand feet into the churning sea as it beat rhythmically against the northern edge of Ilessia.

Standing no more than fifty feet away was Tara Ellens.

She was facing one of the towers. In her hand, the Staff of Arcanis was raised, crackling with lightning. But when your team arrived, she whirled towards you. The look on her face was one of brief surprise quickly shifting to bemused resignation, and then in a heartbeat, to venomous hate and searing anger.

Overhead, thunder rumbled in the clouds like a growling beast. The wind howled like a banshee's wail, driving the fierce chill of a winter night in northern Lastelle into the bones of everyone present.


Spoiler: Perception DC 25
You notice some...lights(?) off in the distance, far out to sea...

Spoiler: DC 30
...Are those explosions?

Kate and Wraith are on turn.