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Luin thought about his situation. At the very least, it was right that he might need divine guidance to fulfill his quest. And while paying them for each spell sounded like a decent way to do it, maybe he could try offerring his capabilities to a church instead. Afterall, there were also things that only arcane casters could do themselves.

"Thank you very much for the assistance. I Will gladly keep you informed. Being in contact means that you can also inform me if you hear anything that could be of help.
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I hope you find success on your studies.
" He then goes to look for Loremaster Theogold to inform him s he was told.
The offices of the Loremasters is well known to anyone who's been in Sundabar a tenday, as all being off a respectable library in the Master's Hall. Which is conveniently hard to miss in the center of the city. A page in nondescript solid gray clothing ask you to wait briefly. When he return, he states simply: (Common)"Please follow me, Loremaster Theogold will see you now."

The Loremaster's library is roughly ten rows of shelves, five shelves per bookcase. Most books are sturdily bound in leather of similar size, more practical than exciting. There are rumors of additional, private libraries below these. The page takes you towards a wall, with five well made but unlabeled doors made of what looks to be Weirwood. He knocks briefly, then opens one of doors and says rather quietly: (Common):"Master Theogold?" He apparently sees a response of some kind as he slightly bows to you and leaves.

This office is only 10' by 20', but well thought out. There are two small tables on the near wall, and a large desk on the far, where a burly dwarf in dark blue robes sits. His hair and beard are a dark brown, with faint flecks of gray. The stated large desk is covered by a dozen books and at least three maps. The side walls are entirely filled with books, a quite motley assortment after the bland ones in the main library. He stands, points to a chair on the opposite side of the desk, and says (Common):"Please sit. I understand you have a message for me? As much as I appreciate the militia, I don't expect to have time for much else for nearly a tenday. The siege is lifted, but these will be "interesting times" for awhile longer."