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Okay, okay, okay. Let’s start from the top. I don’t think anything is hidden in here, exactly; there’s nothing in this room that would make me go “yes, something’s out of place.” Out of line, maybe, but not out of place.

If Batty’s doing anything other than maintaining the Bazaar illusion, she is the greatest witch in Hyperborea. Or a Rider witch whose capabilities are unknown, I guess. That’d be a hell of a place to hide in plain sight, right? But also she looks like there’s an hourglass turning inside her head, and in a minute or two she’s going to gasp in shock at what you just said.

If a fight breaks out and she drops the illusion? Uh, then she becomes a huge, huge wild card. She could make things in here downright psychedelic, the way only a sleep-deprived witch can, and that could lose you a fight, or win it. Depends on whose side she’s on, or if she realizes there are sides at all and not just “everybody needs to sit the heck down right now.”

As for the Old Bastards, those grannies of the Watch, they have pulled out a motley assortment of brass knuckles and saps and knives and are surrounding the two of you. They haven’t committed to a side. When they do, one of you is going down.

“That is a very serious accusation, Adila,” Major Brookley says, carefully. “Do you have any evidence?”

“I’m very curious to hear if she does,” the Captain says, her mottled hands closing firmly on her cane. If the Old Bastards call for her, you are going to have a Bad Time, and the chances of you being spanked by that cane are high.

...you might even end up in the Monster-class Drunk Tank with a muzzle. The shortest and most ignominious stint on an investigation in Watch history!
+Of course I don't have any evidence!+ retorted Princess Adila, visibly relaxing when nobody ripped off their faces and revealed themselves to be Princess Azora Howl. +How would I possibly provide evidence of magical persuasion without consulting directly with a sorcerer? What I do have is unlimited authorization from the Captain herself to, and I quote: use any and all means I deem necessary to find the Heart.+

She stared directly at the Captain - but she also shifted about slightly so that Sargent Batty was within range of her tail. +In this matter I deem it necessary to ensure the Captain is free from any foreign influence. To disobey me is to disobey a direct order from the Captain.+

She could not believe that she was pulling rank on the Captain with the Captain's own rank.