With a name like Smit, I'm pretty sure he didn't have much choice but to answer the call of the path of paladinsanity.

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Name :Smit
Race : Anthropomorphic monkey (-4 strength +4 wisdom +2 dexterity -2 charisma)
Classes :paladin 5 crusader 1 anthropomorphic monkey
Alignment: LG
Divinity Helm
Spoiler: Background
Dear diary
I will write you for the future paladins who will want to follow my steps and my journey , hoping that reading these words will inspire them at becoming paladin like myself .
The first thing I remember is a big tree , with a branch broken, with me on the ground and a dolor on the back of my head , there was a rock. I don't remember anything from before, probably I have lost my memory but how? I stand up and see my body there is a brown fur everywhere then I sense something back and I move that on the front, a tail... I have a tail!!!Whoa, what I am??? My hands are very similar to my feet but other than I don't know what I am. I observe the surroundings and I go on a big rock, then I see a village in a direction, I move toward it, maybe they will help me. There were not wall or other things to surround that village and there was a noblewoman, with some trait very beautiful ( I will discover later that was an elf village) who was not distant by a male with a heavy armor. She spot me and shouted very strong pointing me"SMIT ..." then she collapses but at least she said my name no? So my name is Smit a very important information. The male see me, and he take is weapon "What have you done to my mother vile creature ! My mace will smite you and your evilness!" then something strange he smitted me , but nothing happened Then another voice "Pff how many time I have to said to you. Not each creature, even if it is monstrous should be smitted if not evil" Another men, in the same armor arrive " Do you understand what we say and if yes what is your name?" I say no with the head at the time that sounds signifies nothing for me, but I heard Smit and Smite Then that man move the hand , and I go nearer, following him instinctively . We arrive in a hall with many people and that male say something then a woman touch me two time "Now you should be able to understand and to speak " Hey I have heard what she said ! I try to speak "I understand you! My name is Smit" what have she done? and then I start dialogating with that group."It's an hadozee!" one on the left say that then one on the right"Now the hadozee are in the Astral Plane, I think, it's a Vanara " then one in the center"I don't think they are at the far east and know how to speak but it's not important how have you arrived here? I explain my situation and their eyes go around whispering something, then that woman say "You cannot remain here, our people are used to different people" more beautiful maybe, she did not say that but was the impression. Then a figure in an angle speak "If you want you can come with meĒ All of us observe that figure he was different from the elfs, maybe a human, "You would do that???" The elf on the center , surprised by that reaction ask that ďSure why not , he needs help and a new home my order will be his new familyĒ he said "I'm Kangros paladin of Helm and you can come with me. I nodded the head and from now my journey started. I learned the language of the human during my trip with Kangros and what is a paladin how they do good act only because they want to do them respecting the law and protecting the weakest . From these days when I started my journey with Kangros becoming a paladin have passed so many times, I have passed so many adventures, learning divine powers and the power of the souls and how I can use this power, learning new combats technique, and I have entered the order of the Vigilant Eye of Helm for the sake of the weakest because I want to protect them against whom do evil redeeming them if it is possible.

Spoiler: Stats
point buy final stats
strength 16 (10 points) strength 12(-4 racial)
dexterity 10 (2 points) dexterity 12(+2 racial)
constitution 14(6 points) constitution 14
intelligence 12 (4 points) intelligence 12
wisdom 16(10 points) wisdom 20(+4 racial)
charisma 8(0 points) charisma 6(-2 racial)
The 4th level point go to strength

Spoiler: Build
Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features Skill points for level
1st Paladin 1 +1 +2 +0 +0
  • Knowledge religion 4
  • Heal 4
  • Sense motive4
Intuitive Strike Aura of good, detect evil, smite evil 1/day 12((2+1 (intelligence))*4)
2nd Paladin 2 +2 +3 +0 +0
  • Knowledge religion 5
  • Heal 5
  • Sense motive5
- Divine Grace, Lay on hands 3 (2+ 1(intelligence))
3rd Paladin 3 (vigilant eye of helm substitution level) +3 +3 +1 +1
  • Knowledge religion 6
  • Heal 6
  • Sense motive6
Serenity Aura of courage, Vigilant aid 3 (2+ 1 (intelligence))
4th Paladin 4 +4 +4 +1 +1
  • Knowledge religion 7
  • Heal 7
  • Sense motive7
- Turn Undead 3 (2+1 (intelligence))
5th Paladin 5 (Divine Spirit ACF) +5 +4 +1 +1
  • Knowledge religion 8
  • Heal 8
  • Sense motive8
- Divine spirit (spirit of healing), Smite evil 2/day 3(2+1(intelligence))
6th Crusader 1 +6 +6 +1 +1
  • Knowledge religion 9
  • Heal 9
  • Sense motive9
Adaptative style Furious counterstrike, steely resolve 5 5(4+ 1(intelligence))
The abilities in this format are cross classed for this level
From the 4th level we have 2 1į level slot (because we have an high wisdom)

Spoiler: Epic Feats
1į Power Attack
2į Extra Smiting
3į Improved buckler defense*
4į Shape soulmeld (wormtail belt)
5į bonus essentia
6į azure touch
7į improved essentia capacity
8į Extra Granted Maneuver
9į Protection devotion
10į Extra turning

* If itís permitted to use an animated shield (and if we can afford it in the future) we will not take improved buckler defense but we will take the other feats before , and at last we will take sudden recovery to regain another of our maneuver

Spoiler: Maneuver and stance Known
  • foehammer (strike )
  • leading the attack(strike)
  • mountain hammer(strike)
  • shield's block (counter)
  • vanguard strike(strike)
  • Iron guard's glare

Spoiler: Tactics for Smit
Here I will take annotations for you who read my diary maybe with my permission maybe not , or when I will lose my memory and I will need to relearn what I have forgot, I hope reading my tactics, my reason, and my adventure will put you on the way of good and law . From Smit
The next annotations are extract from the page of Smit

One thing must be considered itís that he will probably use wands of paladin spell if he found them but I will not put them in the tactics because it depends on the loot as for the weapons he will use simple weapons (for intuitive strike)
Spoiler: Level 1 and 2
At the start I was not so strong and I did not even know the language called common, I had an intuition how to use some simple weapons but when I have to use weapon more complicated I have problem I will admit this, but I did not surrended , seeing the other paladins enter on the Vigilant Eye but I want to become better I could not heal even a little scratch . During the training with the others novice paladin I did not dialogatued so much....(he tells about some people which trained with him for about two pages and in the last page there is this written in the center)But I will do what I can to be better and help the weaks!

As he have written at the first level his tactics are not one of a paladin... because his charisma is so low that he cannot lay the hands for example and divine grace doesn't give any bonus so his best role is in combat using intuitive strike (it's an exalted feat so he is a super good paladin) He learn common with the first level as bonus language for the int (because it seems the anthropomorphic animal have language bonus any) We can do as tanks (because we can use heavy armor and shields )But at the next level he gain...

Spoiler: level 3
Serenity. This is what I reached thanks to the meditation, each of us do what he can , and not to compare himself with the other .It's good if each on do the best he can do for the goods of others . With this new mind I have chosen to enter on the Vigilant Eye of Helm , the same order of Kangros , helping each other giving advice or helping when we need to fight at the protection of the weakest

Now there is the feat who does so much for this build that it is impossible to do without it . He learned how lay the hands and his saving throws receives a huge boost but there are more passive abilities than other things. Other than the possibility to heal 15 points (without any magic items) an immunity to fear (and a +4 for the allies against it) there is vigilant aid , which is another piece of our support role ,the CD of aid another in combat is 10 so we will pass that in automatic (unless critical fail) because we have 3(bab)+5 (from intuitive strike)=8 . An +2 on the AC or the attack rolls is not bad even if it costs us a move action (but in the engagement it will be rare to disperse so much and being near it will be good even for our aura of courage. Against the evil creature we have a very good smite (it will be bab +2* wisdom thanks to serenity and intuitive strike at this level will be a +13 ).

Spoiler: Level 4
My abilities as paladin are growing like the others paladin of my order, we learned how turn undead, even if some paladin have preferred to learn how put a distance between the evil and them with their smite. I have chosen to doesnít learn it because there are so many undead in these days and we need to protect the civilian. I learned how cast some spells , and it appear that Iím better at that than the normal paladins, each of us have itís particularity

At this level we learn how turn undead , we are not so powerful because we turn like a cleric of first level, but itís already something. If we have magic items who can use our turn undead probably we will use it (we have 8 turn undead, without any magic item so itís good) . Our role doesnít change so much from the previous level we will still help the group with aid another and lay the hands (now we can heal 20 hp without magic items who boost wisdom and it is probably that we could have something ) Against the undead itís easier now between turn undead, lay the hands, and smite the evil (which is still a good attack with 16+d20 as attack roll without counting the weapon or other items) We have now 2 slot of spell, primarily we will boost, but we could use even some spell to heal the ability damage, or to boost ourselves with swift action spell , or use know greatest enemy to do our tank work against him.
Spoiler: Level 5
In these days I see many paladins with some special mounts , but as I have already said in this diary Iím not so good with creature , Iím not enough carismatic to handle them, and while if I train myself I could ride them I canít teach any tricks. The special mounts doesnít function very well in the crypts infested by undead, there isnít enough space. But with my prayer I have unlocked the possibility to summon a spirit on the field , and my spirit can heal the others, if who want to be healed touch him so itís perfect for the weakest who can heal themselves while I protect them

At this level the most important boost is divine spirit. Because we are a level 5 paladin we can only summons the healing spirit but it is good as he will be a reserve of 50 hp (the double of our lay the hands which is 25) so we can stay on the front while we summon the spirit and the others (using a standard action ) take the heal from the spirit . Itís a good thing, it would be the same action of an healing belt (which can heal at maximum 6d8 with 3 actions)They choose how many they want to be healed, .We can only summon it one for day but should be enough when the heals are needed (if we donít have a wand to heal for example) We gain another use of smite so when we strike we should be able to deal some damage (and we have detect evil at will so it should be enough to see against who we have to use that)

Spoiler: Level 6
Recently I have collaborated with a warforged named Aegis, it was strange he used some technique that I have never seen like using the shield to improve the defense of another one, or inspiring the people to fight well. He said me he was a crusader, and that I could learn his abilities taking a level in his class. Doing that would be block my paladin future so I have taken some time going in a inn to relax and control if there were problem. Here I heard some adventurer other PC not the NPC
ďHey do you know that Iím going to take the 7th level in my awarrior class?Ē
*Itís impossible we are in E6 we can take only 6 level so you will not gain other levels in your class*
They were metagaming maybe I will say that to them, the metagame is bad, and should be avoided, but they said an interesting notion, each PC could take only 6 level here , and the crusader level would be my 6th . I could protect better the other with these technique so I have chosen to train with that to enhance my abilities for the others

Now we have taken a crusader level why? Well first it enhance our durability with steely resolve (doing 5 damage later itís not so bad it could save our life for example if we go at 1 than -4 so we can heal) We have a little boost to our attack with furious counterstrike but the most important feature of this level are the maneuver and the stance
Iron guardís glare will likely put the focus of the enemy on us because if they strike our adjacent ally they will have a -4 . Two maneuver give an attack boost to our allies, while other two permit us to ignore the damage reduction. But the preferred maneuver of Smit is shield's block , giving a boost of 7 or more to the AC of allies is good. There is a synergies with vigilant aid , we can give that a boost of AC or to the attack rolls. So now we can give up to 6+ shield to an allyís AC(shieldís block and vigilant aid) and if the enemy is adjacent to us is a 10+ shield ( because iron guardís glare give a -4 to the enemyís attack roll) Adaptative Style give us an easier refresh on our maneuver (even if itís still a round action) Our damage go up so itís a good level this even if because we gain a second attack on the complete, and while our damage it is low itís not a bad thing
If we use a weapon with range (in our case a longspear because we use intuitive strike ) iron guardís glare itís even better because we can menace any adjacent space with our natural weapon (anthropomorphic animal have the natural weapon of their animal it there is the part who do that so in our case we have a bite attack like a monkey)
Spoiler: Epic Feats

Spoiler: From 1st to 3rd
After I learned these maneuver I meditated and I have chosen to be able to do more damage because to protect the others I need to be able to block the enemy maybe using wood weapon to donít kill them, so I hope my technique to deal more damage will be useful as Iím now able to smite more time my enemy

Now after so much time we gain power attack we qualify for with the 4th level point and because we will probably use a longspear (preferably with an animated shield) which use two hands so itís better. Extra Smite is giving us two more smite attempts, so we will smite the evildoers more time using power attack to do more damage (and maybe if we can use a maneuver with smite even ignoring damage reduction)
Now we use power attack with a long spear, but we want to use our shield even only to give a better AC to our allies with shield block, but we use a two weapon so how we will do ? We will use an animated shield or we have to use a buckler with improved buckler defense. In each case we can still use a shield and his capacity so itís a gain. If an animated shield is permitted we will not take improved buckler defense, but we will take sudden recovery to use more time one of our maneuver (especially shield's block)
Spoiler: From 3th to 6th
I discovered another type of magic, the magic of soul, and with the help one of my friend, he calls his class soulborn, I donít know what is it, each born have a soul no, I learned a bit of that, itís fantastic thanks to this my healing itís more powerful , Iím sure that will help many people, so I hope this magic will be not used by anyone who do evil because that would be terrible

These feats are concentrated on gain essentia points for azure touch which is useful between lay the hands, and divine spirit . Shape soulmeld is taken to gain more essentia points with bonus essentia, while improved capacity is taken to invest all our essentia points in azure touch (so we will have lay the hands like a paladin of 8th level so considering a +2 wisdom item we will heal 48 with lay the hand and 96 with divine spirit

Spoiler: 7th and 8th
Now after I had many adventures I need to be more able with the maneuver, so I trained again with Aegis who have showed me how can one be prepared to have more maneuver and how regain one of that easily, I think these maneuver will help many people not only me .

These two feats help our selection of maneuver gaining another maneuver readied with the crusader (So now when will be determined which maneuver we have we will cover more than half of our maneuver) and sudden recovery itís good with many maneuvers even if itís better with shieldís block because we have basically the same maneuvers two time ,foehammer and mountain strike have the same effect, like vanguard strike and leading the attack

Spoiler: 9th and 10th
I love to protect the other people and the weakest this is what the vigilant eye of Helm do , and what have done Krangros with me at the start of my journey , so I will do this with the other inspiring their defense to block the evil act, and the murder of innocents

Well protection devotion itís the final capstone of this build, for the support side, and it is a union of many things he does, boosting the AC using the turn undead attempts , and it is the reason of life of Smit so it is a good feat to take (even only for role but itís effect is good). As we have only 8 turn undead attempts now we take extra turning as final feats to go to 12 so it will be around 4 encounters which is good (and can cover a good portion of encounter during a day) Probably we will have even items to have other attempts, so we will use protection devotion at least 3 time for day

Spoiler: Number on this build
hp =10+12(2*6)+5d10= 49.5 average
lay the hands healing(without items)= 8(5 paladin +3 azure touch) *5(wisdom)=40
divine spirit healing=lay the hands healing*2 = 80
Saving throws
Fortitude=6+2 (constitution)+5(divine grace wisdom)=13
Reflex=1+1(dexterity)+5 (divine grace wisdom)=7
Will =1+5(wisdom)+5(divine grace wisdom)= 11
Smite the evil attack roll with a simple weapon= 6(bab)+5( wisdom for intuitive strike)+5 (wisdom for serenity)=16
Turn undead attempts =12(3+ wisdom+4 extra turning)
Essentia points =3 (2 from bonus essentia +1 from azure touch) all invested in azure touch
Maximum boost to AC for one adjacent ally= 2(vigilant aid move action)+3 (protection domain used)+(4+ shield AC)(shieldís block) =9+ shieldís AC If the enemy who strike is menaced by us he will have a -4 to attack roll so if we consider that a bonus to AC we will give around 13 +shield AC to one ally ( to use shieldís block and a longspear in the same time probably we will need an animated shield to give a better bonus)
Maximum boost to attack rolls for one allies =2(vigilant aid )+4 (maneuver like leading the attack)
General bonus to allies (not maxed for anyone)
+4 vs fear effect+ 3 AC (protection devotion)+4 to attack rolls against one enemy (maneuver like leading the attack)

Spoiler: Preferred equipment
If we donít have this equipment the build can function but it will be not so good but still usable
If we can afford an animated shield it will be good, but if we cannot we could use a buckler to boost somehow our AC and the AC of our allies with shield's block
Each item who give us a boost to wisdom is very good we have many of our things on wisdom: the attack roll, the healing , the spells , the turning attempts , and sense motive and heal check , and divine grace
If we have a long spear it is optimal , if not we can still use any simple weapons (or our bite if we want do to economy) with intuitive strike
Each item who can give a boost to constitution is good even if between wisdom and constitution I think itís preferably choose wisdom for this build .

Spoiler: Source List

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