Almost all of the crew is in a rush to prepare the liferafts before The Tempest crashes against the rocks, which the flashing lightning reveals is coming closer every second. Although you all planned on bracing for the impact, none of you could have possibly predicted the rate at which the ship would accelerate at to know when to properly steel yourself. Far before you thought it would occur, you hear a deafening shattering and creaking sound as the ship is torn asunder. A massive rock bearing an uncanny resemblance to a warhammer erupts through the hull of the ship like a whale breaching, as the ship is shattered in half. Smaller pikes of black rock stab through what remains of the two halves of the ships, with the same vigor that a hunting troupe would spear a boar.

Immediately when the crew hears the ship crash, they quickly jump on the boats and launch them off the sides, desperately hoping to avoid the sharp ends of the rocks. One of the boats takes off on the starboard side, but is immediately swept out to sea with a supernatural ferocity impossible for unmalicious forces of nature. The other two leave from the port side, one boat being immediately skewered on rocks and forcing the crew to leap out in a panicked frenzy. The final boat manages to make it to the water, but is then slammed up against The Tempest and rendered in no better condition than its destroyer.

Those who did not take the life boats are spilled forth from the guts of the great wooden whale and onto the rocks below. Wooden splinters fly out in all directions from the dying creature, some of which go flying into the people who did not leave the boat in time. Greenbrook is too vomitted from the ship, but his barrel somehow blocks the oak daggers, getting destroyed in the process but leaving Greenbrook miraculously unharmed.

Lomax and Sonderholme both take 3 nonmagical piercing damage

Now that the liferafts have been destroyed, many of you fear drowning, but feel a great sense of relief when you realize that the water only goes up to your thighs (except for Greenbrook, where the water level is up to his chest). This relief is quickly overpowered though when you realize that the current has changed with impossible speed and force, and is now pushing you all into the maw of the sea, the exact opposite direction of where it was just seconds ago. If there where any doubts before that the environment here is corrupted by witchery, than there are none now.

Past the rocks though, you can see the black sands of the shore less than a dozen paces away. The cruel tides which are attempting to drag you into the ocean's depths leave you with only one choice: your only chance to survive is by reaching the shore before the depths reach you.

Encounter N: King Neptune's Merciless Wrath; Round 1

Your characters have now been forced into something very vaguely resembling a Chase Encounter, as described on page 253 of the DMG. We will be running this under the side initiative system, despite the fact that technically no combat is occurring. The following map will be used to diagram out the situation. A character will "succeed" in the encounter if they make it past the green line on the map which marks where the shoreline will begin. A character will "lose" the encounter if they are pushed past the red line on the map, which marks where the water becomes too deep to stand in. Characters who lose the encounter will not die, but they will be given a severe penalty which I will not yet disclose.

For the duration of this encounter, the following rules apply:

- Every character who is not yet at the green line will be pushed back 20 ft. every turn by the tides

- A character who is pushed into a rock will take 1d4 damage and then just slide past it, so getting knocked against a rock doesn't prevent a character from being pushed back further.

- Every area on the map is considered to be difficult terrain

- For the duration of this encounter, a character may only dash a maximum number of times equal to their Constitution modifier (Minimum of once). This rule overrides what is stated on page 252 of the DMG.

- At the end of every round, a chase complication may occur.

- Actions which are not mentioned in the official rules will probably be necessary for most for characters to succeed on this encounter. Creativity will be encouraged, and rules are likely to be bended to ensure that these actions can be performed. You are allowed to consult with other players or the internet on the best course of action.

- If you are truly stumped on what to do, then on the discord ask "What is the person next to me doing?". I will then give you a brief description of what one of the NPC sailors (who are not marked on the map despite technically being present) are doing to reach the shoreline quicker or prevent themselves from being pushed.