"Oh, the inspector, that was..." Yargin trails off, and the gnome steps forwards.

"Rhenzig. Stoneknuckle," he says. The dog tenses up at the first, and 'Stoneknuckle' results in a growl, as the gnome points to Kat. "Git 'er!"

"So much for subtlety," Yargin sighs, reaching into a coat pocket as the dog lunges forwards, getting to the chair and unleashing what's doubtless the opening to a chorus of barks, loud enough to be heard by the others approaching from outside.

Spoiler: OOC
Well, that was one slim margin - you folks won initiative with an average of 14.25 vs 14! So, you're up!

(Quick explanation - the red line is the rickety wooden rail around the edge of the ramp. The thin stone-looking things are walls, even though the fishery is made of wood.)