Pool: 1

Sunburst, The Meeting: Kintsugi HQ

Miss Honeycut does not look at all happy at your admittance that using your powers to demolish an entire building felt "good", probably because of the more rogue element within the typical meeting structure. Slim seems especially excited by that admission as he glances to his compatriot though a stern look from Miss Honeycut silences any further revelry. The aforementioned doesn't get to chastise you either, Theurge clipping in with usual grace when it comes to defending your more...destructive mistakes.

"It's good that you can be open with these feelings, Lanuola. It does feel good to be in control and that feeling can be dangerous, especially for people like us. You were using it to do the right thing and no one got hurt." A few people did get hurt though. Coyote was, as far as you're aware, blasted from the face of Creation without so much as a wink from Lightbringer. One must wonder what she felt in that moment, even if wondering would only lead down dark roads. The young lady that Tsunami mentioned too got hurt, also in a fairly final way and you never even learned her name. Bruja and many of the Knights got hurt in the scuffle and at least the former in that number was because well...you dropped a building on top of her. Maybe best not to mention all of those people. Especially since Theurge keeps talking.

"You also recognized that you'd made a mistake. The damage you've done can't be taken back, only repaired. That's why we took the name Kintsugi though, the art of repairing something with earnest and committed effort makes the thing all the more beautiful." A common line for the organization. They were, in their own way, a broken thing desperatly seeking to repair the rifts between themselves to better face the world they found themselves in. Theurge especially. She'd been with Tonbogiri as a Librarian and then with AEGIS when the Spear was stolen. The loss is hard to see on her, she's so young, but its there. Her hazel eyes always looking somewhere else, as if she'd just caught something outside the field of vision...and wanted to see it just that bit longer.

"If we could organize it, Lanoula, would you like to spend the weekend helping clean the site up? I'm sure the Build Team would appreciate your assistance in any way you'd like to give it." The Build Team of course was one of the many unaffiliated, minor, powers of San Fansapporo. They mostly stuck to repairing the damage of meta-human fights.

Ronin, Tsunami: The Base

The air hangs on those words. Alien threat. The device, wherever you'd left it, however doesn't seem to respect such gravitas. It's certainly not anything you did during your montage that powered the thing up but with what can only be described as horror film ambiant track sound, the device begins to whir and much like your own AI words etch into the air in a flaming scrawl.

Like a frenzied horse that is driven. An unseen wind of plague shrieks across the border.
There is no place to run.
No hope of escape.
Those who are lost will never return.
Time and Gods are at strife; ye dwell in the midst thereof,
The hands of time cannot be turned back.
Though the whirlwind of the South should tug with its claws.
A page that hath been turned yet shall not be able to ever turn back.

The device then shuts off but the words seem almost burned into the air itself as the smell of ozone and char fill the room.