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    I don't mind this necro. Thanks for bringing this to my attention <3

    This still needs to be put into perspective with assumed gold per player per level, since that tends to vary a lot between campaigns. I think most of us using Treasure Hoards have realized that cutting the coins and just using the gems/arts is the way to go for figuring it out.
    Being able to compare assumed gold and personal goldgives a DM an opportunity to increase/decrease the prices based on the percentage difference between his loot system and the assumed one.

    Is there anyone here we trust to continue this work. I feel like although this is an endless project, it is one the community desperately needs :/
    I might have the time and the love for comparing numbers, but my lack of experience with the system rules me out. Is there anyone who qualifies?

    I'd personally pay for this being updated and used for a revised Magic Item Tables A-I