As the group joins the fray, Kat's attack strikes the dog, leaving it barely standing. Yargin's eyes drift closed for a moment, but he quickly snaps out of it, seeming just as alert as before.

Yargin pulls a wand from his coat, aiming it at Kamorkas. "Let's see if this does you any good!" He declares, giving the wand a swish...and nothing happens. As he shakes it wildly, spewing profanity at it and everyone else present, the gnome shrieks his own invectives, aimed primarily at Kat.

"Bloo, get 'er! I'll hack miss guardsie up for ya t'eat later!" The gnome growls, and the dog dashes forwards at Xen, jaws closing wildly but only on thin air. The gnome retreats out of Kat's reach, pulling a kukri from his belt and advancing again, ending up in front of Yargin.

Spoiler: OOC
Your moves again!

Yargin saved against the spell, the dog took damage, the dog missed as it tried to attack Xen. The gnome used a Withdraw action to avoid taking an AoO while moving out of Kat's reach.