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Thread: The LA-assignment thread VII: LA LA Land

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    Mind Flayers, Psionic

    Remember the regular mind flayers, rated two years back? With their at-will AoE save-or-lose, telepathy, spell resistance, and ability to enter one of the most broken PrCs in the game? Yeah, they are back.

    Psionic mind flayers actually differ in a pretty significant way. Where their regular ilk has a number of SLAs, the psionic flayer just has complete psion manifesting as a 9th-level character. On something with 8 RHD.

    One thing I'm glad about: psionic flayers can't abuse at-will astral projection (looking back, the regular flayer is gonna get a pre-emptively added asterisk just for that). However, that still leaves the very powerful Mind Blast, good stats, high SR, telepathy, and psion casting. Based on the casting level and HD amounts alone, I think anything short of +2 is vastly underestimating just how well 'psion with better stats and Mind Blast' stacks up to 'psion'.

    And then there's illithid savant, which I'm not sure how to evaluate let alone rate. I think the regular illithid rating settled on not including it because one class shouldn't impact a rating, but I'm not sure how well that stacks up to more recent ratings.

    Considering the full caster perks in addition to all the other goodies, +3 is a fine LA.
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