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    Timothy Oglevee Crompton
    (of the Wilkenstonshire Cromptons)

    The Neighbor

    LOOKS: Stilted. Averted eyes.
    Male, muddy brown eyes, fastidiously stiff and tidy school uniform. Neatly combed medium-brown hair.
    Small, but not short. Lean, but not gaunt. Wears glasses, but not stylishly.

    ORIGIN: send help there's been a terrible mistake

    Hot: -1
    Cold: 1
    Volatile: 2
    Dark: -1



    Timothy and Annalee made out in a broom closet once.

    Timothy's bedroom window faces Samael's. He keeps his blinds open for unknown (and probably unwise) reasons.

    I have Strings on:
    G'eldriia Despanna - 1
    Annalee - 2
    Samael - 2

    [_] [_] [_] [_]

    When you take time to tend to your wounds, once per session you may heal 1 Harm. If someone else is there with you, tending to your wounds delicately and intimately – and perhaps with erotic subtext – you may heal an additional 1 Harm.

    To avoid death, erase all harm and choose one:
    - Become your Darkest Self,
    - Lose all Strings you have on everybody.


    Mixed Messages: When you’re alone with someone, decide if you’re attracted to them or not.
    -If you are, tell them why you can’t be together and roll to Shut Them Down, adding 1 to the roll.
    -If you’re not, tell them all the things they’ve got going for them (to let them down easy) and roll to Turn Them On, adding 1 to the roll.

    Two Eyes: When you take your glasses off, your Hot becomes 3. You actually need your glasses, so subtract 2 from rolls where sight matters.

    Nap Fan: As soon as you fall asleep somewhere, choose two for the MC to detail when you wake:
    -Something was left for you
    -Someone’s there
    -Someone’s been trying to contact you
    -Something’s been broken
    -You had a nice dream.

    Darkest Self: You feel... you feel like a monster. What kind of monster do you feel like? A werewolf, a vampire, a ghost, a queen... it can be anything you can think of. Tell the MC, and they’ll hand you that Skin or the closest thing to it. It can be different each time. Read their Darkest Self: you are drowning in metaphor. Choking on it. Your body isn’t supernatural, but you’re gonna take it right to the line. You become that Darkest Self

    Current Darkest Self: (Ghost) You become invisible, unnoticeable. No one can see you, feel you, or hear your voice. You can still affect inanimate objects, but this is your only avenue of communication. You escape your Darkest Self when someone acknowledges your presence, and demonstrates how much they want you around.

    Special: When you have sex with someone, tell them something you don’t want them to know.

    [X] [X] [X] [_] [_]

    _ Add +1 to one of your stats.
    _ Take another Neighbor move.
    _ Take another Neighbor move.
    _ Take a move from any Skin.
    _ Take a move from any Skin.
    _ You have Lots of Exes.
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