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    The Lion, Lightbringer: Battleside

    Bruja is already carted off by the police presence that has somehow materialized from thin air or at least it seems like thin air, where were they when you were getting thrown around by Coyote and her crew anyway? Your voice seems, even for a moment, to cause Lightbringer's shoulders to lift. Agitation? Surprise? Frustration? Who knows. She turns from one of the many officers she's directing to take control of the plaza to place her gaze upon you.

    Yellow eyes that shine like twin suns stare you down. The same inscrutable gaze as before, unmoving like it was carved from the roots of the world itself. "The Lion." Her voice, as her face, is unreadable. Almost deadpan. "The stories we tell our children often are simple. Clean. We shield our youth from the shadows, from the darkness. We keep them safe from the monsters that lurk within with stories of monsters that seem dangerous on sight alone. A disservice. We should teach our children that the dangers are not visible, often, and how to defend themselves from the dangers they cannot see. That there is safety in the Light, for it reveals that which would otherwise be hidden. But know this, child. For ever bright you shine, you cast shadows ever deeper. The city would question me, such folly. You saw today how deep the tendrils of darkness have reached. The city will only be safe when the Light is so bright there will be no shadows left to cast. The time for concession has ended, the time to sit and watch the Warlords grow fat on the blood of our children has become untenable. But who are you to question me?"

    Her tone seemed almost to soften...right up until the end there. A razor's edge at your throat now. "A boy prince, who with one hand attempts to open a door but with the other slams it closed. If you cannot trust me, child, there is nothing I can say to you. Make no mistake however. I neither request nor require your trust. You will, in your own time, have to decide on which side you stand. You are a smart child or so I am led to believe. You will make the proper decision when it's required of you, no doubt." She then turns back to the officer. "Please escort the young Prince wherever it may be he requires. So long as it is not here. I have no further use for him."

    Lightbringer than turns her back to you as the officer moves forward to motion you away. Pressing the matter...may matter. It's unlikely she's roast you alive in front of a significant police and other emergency worker presence bu she is one of the most important heroes in the city. Do you want to add her to the list of enemies that seems to be growing for your team? Maybe it's best to go, where might you be needed...or wanted...that isn't at a very active crime scene with a very angry Lightbringer and a still smoldering spot where Coyote once stood?

    After Dark - Insert One

    The panels for After Dark, sold at the back of Yami no Yojimbo, allow for readers to return to the flagship of the series and place them in at their own leisure. No one would know this of course unless they flipped to the very last page and found the enclosed envelope. Of course, not everyone got the same pieces and no one was given the number of pages they went to. While initial comment was negative, time would reveal the reason. Offering the story in a linear method would drive sales but only for as long as the story itself was being told. Spliting the pieces up and even not including the same in every issue would drive sales even after the last of the gimmick had ended. Weeks and months would also be spent decoding the story, putting it in order and then spreading it around the internet. This would in turn drive sales, or so the thought went, through sheer word of mouth.

    We’re not going to bother with the non-linear method however and just your luck, someone skipped right to the end. So begins the story of San Fransapporo: After Dark where we left off from before.

    Impact hangs from her prison, eyes closing before she finally speaks once more.

    “My parents were refugees. My dad fled Vietnam with my mother and I…” she sighs again as she lets herself hang limply from her bounds. “I guess it was 1960. I was four. He was a Chinese migrant worker, my mother was a model or so they claimed. I think we both know what they meant. I already spoke some French and Vietnamese, learning English didn’t take long. We moved into the River District after some hustle and bustle. My dad had some friends who had gone over before us, they let us stay with them until we got our own little house boat. It was an easy change, my parents had their own little place on the Mekong so it was just like home.

    At any rate, I took to the city quick and got into all sorts of trouble. It wasn’t like it is today. The River District was the very edge of the city and the Pavillion wasn’t even in viewing distance. The other side of the river was just a sprawl of low income housing. Even more poor than we were...and we were pretty poor. My mother found work making fish sauce on the river’s edge and making meals. My father opened a dry cleaning business because that’s really all you could do in those days. Even with San Fransapporo being a bastion of good will towards the Asian community in America...not a lot of job opportunities for poor non-citizens.

    We made enough to live, enough to keep our boat moving and enough to send me to school with nice clothing. For a while, it was all pretty normal.”

    Master Sun nods along, motioning for one of the guards who disappears.

    “I know you think this is probably just a diversion, to waste your time but if I don’t start from the beginning you’re just going to ask me to stop and explain things when you get lost.” Impact offers, watching the guard return with a chair for Master Sun.

    “Things changed” Impact resumes once the immortal has made himself comfortable. “When I first manifested my powers. Got into a scrap with some kids who thought they could steal from my mom. The look of horror in her eyes as I turned the kid into a bag of bones...we never talked the same...after that. Even when I went to say goodbye...she just looked at me like I was some kind of monster. Wouldn’t let me touch her. Through the dementia...she knew. She’d lost everything else but that.”

    Master Sun offers a frown, steepling his fingers together. “That must have been very painful for you.” For the situation, the man seems sincere in that statement at least. “But how did she remember? It was my understanding that your history had been erased. Surely you remember but her?”

    Silence follows. Two whole pages of the two simply staring at one another. “That’s not how the prison works. Only that day was erased...and the events leading to it. It just...removed the horrors…” her words come in an almost broken whisper. “It still makes my blood run cold, all this time. Looking back on it, knowing the world forgot.”

    “We can make this very short, Impact. We can let you go. Tell me what we forgot...and promise me you’ll help keep it buried.” Another sincere plea from Master Sun. Not one that gets a sincere reply back, not in words anyway. Impact flashes her middle finger.

    Master Sun sighs this time, motioning towards Impact. “Continue then.”
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