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    Aburnar Zaqaru smirks as he feels the hand of Arnadred giving him a playful push. His face warms as she giggles and he leads them along with fine grace along a curve in the dance as she smiles. Seeing her excitement as he tells of his own business, his eyes set on her with renewed interest and the grin she offers makes his eyes twinkle.

    “I would love to come to Filo to see your court, as well as your work. I am curious to see your designs to aid scientists in their work.” Raising a curious eyebrow, he looks at her with a certain delight, caught up by her excitement. There’s a moment’s pause before he moves along with smooth flowing steps in the dance. “As for my own work, I have observed and studied the Sarahu Nebula, analyzed the gravitational forces in Natho’s asteroid belt, incidentally finding the more optimal resource deposits to be mined, simplified several mathematical equations and identified key statistics along several trade routes, which Zaqaru fleets have used to find several pirate outposts and dismantle them.”

    “So tell me, bright and charming Arna, what is it you would like to design next?” Aburnar’s face has a mischievous smile, observing her reaction to the shortened nickname, given she thought her full name so proper.

    “Oh my.” Ayallal Attar feigns indignity as Bolkas Gilkara leads her to the wall in the corridor, smiling at him with clear pleasure in her smile. Leaning her body in closer as he speaks, she lets her fingers dance along his arm. Taken for a spin, the two move on the next ballroom, Ayallal Attar giving Bolkas Gilkara alluring winks.

    As Bolkas scans the room, she places a hand on his face and drews it to her, stepping backward into one of the smaller, darker ballrooms, with a droning beat, a wild vertigo of music sweeping them in the heat of a mass of dancing people going crazy to the song. “Seduce me more with your business talk, your dance, Bolkas!” Ayallal Attar shouts as she presses herself against him in the strong rhythm of the music.

    Enigma 7

    Spoiler: House Gilkara
    Dear Anoa Gilkara,

    Thank you for your explanation, I am glad that the tone does not match the intent. I also offer my gratitude for making me aware the House of Steel had agent backup from another, easy to guess, party.

    Yours sincerely,
    Diplomat Namzara Zaqaru
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