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    Default Re: Got a Real-World Weapon, Armour or Tactics Question? Mk. XXVIII

    About armor: Aztec metallurgy wasn't advanced enough to make metal weapons or armor. The Peruvians knew how to make copper alloys and crafted some weapons and helmets of it (axes, hammers, spears and daggers, but not swords), but they didn't make armor besides some gorgets...

    I think their metallurgy probably wasn't advanced enough...

    But this fantasy culture are the renmants of a more advanced civilization that used iron and steel and probably forged metal armor... so if they have bronze, they will probably try to use it to make armor...

    Quote Originally Posted by gkathellar View Post
    One complicating factor (read: plot hook) with bronze is that the need for both copper- and tin-mining operations makes it more difficult to secure the resources needed to manufacture it.
    One of the premises we are given is that they have access to the needed resources to make bronze.
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