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Real net launchers the size of a bazooka exist. They fire from compressed air, have a range of around a dozen feet, and are only useful for catching small animals. This is with considerably better materials technology (nylon nets instead of rope ones), a very fine degree of control over the launching pressure, and industrial processes that produce precision far beyond what a medieval cannonmaker could do.

What your players want to make will not work.
That's patently untrue. I mean, it's entirely true that net launchers exist, but the materials available in a fantasy setting are way better than those available in real life. Mithril enhanced with elemental air motes, for instance, are not available to real life engineers.

Of course, this is the "Real-World Weapon, Armour or Tactics Question?!" thread - but since the question in this case is related to a roleplaying game, it seems entirely feasible real world limitations do not apply.

It seems worth mentioning that, to my knowledge, net launchers have a very specific range at which they work - at all other ranges, they do not work. In other words, say the net full unfolds in 30 feet. At less than 30 feet, it's not unfolded yet, and will not work. And at 30+ range, the net doesn't magically fly, fully unfolded, through the air (unless it's just that - magically). Rather, it will obey the laws of physics, and propably flail about randomly before it tangles up on itself and becomes a useless ball of flying stuff.

I'm ... not an expert on net launchers. This is knowledge gained from watching youtube videos. So, disclaimer! =)