Potential: 1/5

Spoiler: Labels
  • Freak: +1
  • Danger: +2
  • Savior: +0
  • Superior: +1
  • Mundane: -1

Spoiler: Moves
  • [X] Devil or Angel on My Shoulder: When you provoke a teammate to violent action or drastic measures as your Hero Persona, roll with your Alias Label. When you discourage a teammate from going overboard or making an action they canít take back as your Alias Persona, roll + your Hero Label.
  • [X]Save the Light: When you step in to intervene, help a civilian, or stop a threat roll + your Hero label. On a miss, youíre made to look the fool. Mark a Condition and give ground. On a hit, youíve got someoneís attention. Use it as an opportunity or provoke them to action. On a 10+ your foe must respond in kind or flee.

The panels show the interior of Inquisitive Bite from a low angle. Hikari's shoes and part of her leg take up the foreground, peanut shells crunching underfoot as she makes her way toward Tumult all the way at the back of the restaurant. Tumult wastes no time getting down to business. "Don't tell me you already ordered?" The doofus didn't even hide the envelope in a menu or anything. It's like he wants to be seen. Either that, or he's just really bad at this.

Reading over the note, Hikari breaks into the biggest smile she can fake. Girlishly brushing her hair behind her ear, she leans forward and rests her hand on Tumult's. "Oh, honey, you shouldn't have!"

The panels cut back to the low angle underneath the table. One shoe has been removed, a folded piece of paper clutched in-between exposed toes. The foot reaching out, tenderly rubbing Tumult's leg, planting the note in the side of his shoe.

The panels flash back to fifteen minutes before, Hikari opening the note Tumult had left in her jacket. Instead of intel, it's just a poor drawing of Tumult with a middle finger raised. Hikari is displeased, little frustration lines above her head as the note spontaneously combusts in her hands. In angry response, she pulls out paper and a pen and draws her own note, a crude drawing of a bird flipping the bird.

Returning to the restaurant, the table is covered in empty plates, apparently mostly Hikari's. Barely crumbs are left on two plates pushed to the side, and a pile of bones sits on the plate in front of Hikari. Sucking the last chicken wing clean, a buzzing emits from her pocket. The bone still hanging from her mouth, Hikari checks the messages. One missed message from Tsunami, one new.

Quote Originally Posted by Tsunami
This is deep. Lightbringer came on scene at the end. I think she killed Coyote.
Team all left scene safe at least. Ronin is looking at the artifact now.
Might ask The Smith for help.
Quote Originally Posted by Tsunami
Ronin thinks artifact might be alien tech. Going to take it to The Smith but would like you to come too.
Can you get back to the base? Ronin and I want to debrief you.

"Looks like I've gotta run. Thanks for dinner, honey! See you tomorrow night!"

* * * * *

Another cut shows Hikari appearing at the Lair through a teleportal. "I'm here! What's going on?"