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Oroba, Weaver of Webs

Spoiler: Backstory

Spoiler: Threshold

Oroba ambled from her small, crooked house atop a mountain where few ever tread. She picked a plum from a tree with her strong hand. The other lay by her side, tiny and withered, clutching her cane whittled from a tree that had long since left the mountaintop. The wisps of hair on her hand stood on end among the folds of her wrinkled flesh, grasping for their twins. Ever since Oroba had been separated by a knife's point from her sister, parts of her longed for their counterpart. Despite magic's best efforts, they would always be two parts of a whole.

Oroba sat at their stone bench and examined the board on the table before her. Pieces lay untouched since the first snow of last winter, some representing figures she had forgotten. Others were new additions, put there surreptitiously by her sister in her absence. Oroba ran her fingertip along one, a child holding a knot of chains in her hand, a tiny ruby brooch holding her cloak shut like a drop of blood.

Sure enough, Deigra's wizened silhouette emerged from the mists of early morning. She and her cane lurched over from her house on the other tine of the mountain. Like a fork, it separated the sisters but for their meetings in this valley garden.

"What do you lay against my champion, m'dear?" Deigra nodded toward an ancient figurine of charred white oak. A diadem of fangs plucked from the mouths of rats rested atop his head. Diegra didn't even touch him, many seasons of dust comfortably coating his bare shoulders. He seemed to flaunt how long he had sat, entrenched on the board.

Oroba set the child down in an ebony square. "Her. And those in her path she manages to rally."

Deigra grinned, her crooked teeth rasping against each other as she laughed. "You always did have to make things difficult, didn't you? What shall we say, yours or mine brought here alive before the end of the harvest?"

"And no direct interference," Oroba bit her plum in half.

"Perish the thought." Deigra took the other half and spat out the stone. It landed on the line dividing their estates. "As it lies." She ground it into the earth with the tip of her cane.

Spoiler: Mentor

Clouded Moon climbed the final step to reach the mountain's peak. Her visions had led her here. All was as it had been in her dreams, down to the last stone in front of the ramshackle house before her. She stepped forth and motioned to knock with her mailed fist, but the door opened before she had a chance.

"Come in, child," the crone within said. She was enormous, but stooped. Her limbs weren't straight for more than a hand's span, twisted like roots.

"I'm here to free the land from the-th the pall of oppression it's fallen under in recent years," Clouded Moon said.

"Ah, yes. Well thank you, dear one. As you can see, I'm feeling very oppressed here. People coming here day and night to oppress me despite my best efforts." The crone poured fragrant tea into two bone cups out of a pot carved to look like a skull (Clouded Moon hoped.)

"You're probably wond-, um, please don't make fun of me, I have a whole speech prepared. You've gone and made me lose my place." Clouded Moon fiddled with the length of priest-blessed chains she'd wended around her body to protect her from the evil spirits rumored to haunt this valley.

"If you've prepared it in advance, you can get out the cards and find your place. I'll even pretend not to look if you like." The crone sipped her tea.
"Can't read. I'm afraid our village is too simple for such extravagances. Surely this is due to the evil workings of the Prince-"

"Prince of Teeth. Right. I've heard tell of him and so on and so forth. I've got an artifact here to help you in your noble quest if you promise to get on with it after you've had something to eat," the crone said. She reached into a drawer on her table and pulled out the biggest ruby Clouded Moon had ever seen. It must've been the size of a whole peppercorn!

"Wow! What convinced you? Has he been here? Or those in his employ?" she asked.

"Sure," the crone said. "Mostly it was your natural leadership and speaking ability. Whoever sent you here was clear the prince must be taken alive, yes?"

Clouded Moon frowned and ate some small cakes, finer than anything she'd ever tasted. "Well, yes, now you mention it, Lord Roberts was quite insistent. Not repaying evil with evil, right?"

"Yes, that's it exactly. You're quite the perceptive one, aren't you?" The crone pushed a plate of sausages toward her.

"Well, I don't like to brag," Clouded Moon said, her mouth full. Was this what beef tasted like? No wonder people wrote songs about it. She'd heard the Prince of Teeth had it every night. Imagine! "Don't worry, he'll be alive when he gets here." She swallowed and looked as serious as she could. "This I swear to you."

Clouded Moon reached for the knife closest to her on the table and ran it across her thumb. "I'll swear it in blood if you like," she said just as she realized it was a butter knife and wished she'd fallen off the mountain.

"No, no, dear, that's fine. Why don't I just wrap a few things up for your journey?" The crone nudged a fully loaded pack much nicer than the one Clouded Moon wore on her back.

"Gee, thanks! Your cooking is great, but this is kind of a lot, don't you think?" Clouded Moon said, trying not to be too obvious about counting the cakes.

"Well, since this, Prince of Teeth, was it? Since he's oppressed so many people, you might find people who want to help you. I thought it might speed things along if you had some extra provisions. Plus the less time you have to spend hunting--"

"Or gathering," Clouded Moon said helpfully.

"Or gathering, the more time you can spend on your quest," the crone finished.

After a quick goodbye, Clouded Moon was on her way to defeat the Prince of Teeth.

Spoiler: Abyss

Clouded Moon swung from the chandelier in the Prince of Teeth's throne room, and decapitated the last gargoyle. "That's for Click!" The cutpurse had given his life for their mission. His dying scream would haunt her for the rest of her days, as would the smell of his burning flesh when he had failed to disable the final lava trap.

The Prince of Teeth laughed at her declaration. "You think I need these things to protect me? Ha! I've got a place on my brow for those canines of yours, brat!" He tore off his tattered black cape, revealing his pale, muscular chest and dove toward Kris, digging his claws into the parts of her flesh she hadn't yet replaced with living crystal. She didn't scream. Classic Kris.

"That's what you think!" Clouded Moon pulled her blade in a circle and cut through the chain holding the chandelier to the ceiling. "You should never underestimate the bravest souls of Belstrand's Hollow!" The chandelier tinkled and clattered on its journey downwards. The Prince of Teeth raised his hand, black nails glistening with fresh blood to abjure it somehow, but faltered.

"Wait, where did you say you were from?" That was all it took. The spokes of the chandelier pinned his arms to his sides. From there, it was a simple matter for Clouded Moon to tie his wrists and ankles with the length of haunted chain she'd worn wrapped around herself this whole time as an armored shell. Hopefully, bringing this tyrant to justice would lay the spirits within each link to rest forever and let them move on to the next world.

Kris staunched her wounds with the black soil of her homeland. "Oh, so you've heard of Belstrand's Hollow?" She smirked, no longer making an effort to hide her fangs. Kris lifted the crown of teeth from the prince's head and twirled it around her crystalline finger. "Howell, check it out. Free hat."

"No time for that, devil woman. Let's get this over with." The grizzled man lifted a black bag stitched meticulously with holy runes and loomed over the prince.

"If only." Kris extruded a blade from her thumb, letting it grow til it was two hand spans long. She pressed it to the prince's neck and drew a drop of blood.

Howell elbowed her aside and yanked the bag over the prince's head. "None of your nonsense. You know the rules."

Clouded Moon swallowed. "Yeah, that's right! I mean, we'd be no better than the Prince of Teeth if we did that!" She slapped Howell on the part of his back not marred with burn scars from the dragon that lay dead in a heap on the floor. He shrugged her off with something that looked an awful lot like disgust.

"Death is too good for his kind." Howell healed himself with a nip from the iron flask around his neck that didn't smell much like holy water.

"No, it's not! Kill me! Please! You like my castle? You've seen the whole thing by now. Take it, it's yours! Lock me away forever. Keep me in the dungeon. Just don't take me back there!" He stopped talking when Howell punched him in the stomach.

"Silence, filth." Howell's magic enforced his command. The runes on the blag bag glowed, cutting off whatever the prince was going to say next. They brightened the louder he tried to scream.

"Guys, he's not--I mean, there isn't a reason to, uh--" Clouded Moon wasn't sure what she was trying to say, even though she thought it was obvious what she meant.

"The order was for alive, not well, kid." Kris ran her tongue across a hound's tooth on the prince's crown and frowned. "After all this, the damn thing's not even magic? I figured the only reason laughing boy here would wear this was if it was giving him some juice. Barely worth keeping, now."

"Still your sorrows. Even if it's purely decorative, I'm sure some deviant like you will pay handsomely for it solely for the reputation," Howell scolded.

"Hey, you're right." Kris donned the crown even though it caught in her bangs. "Just for that, I'll take first shift tonight." Howell grumbled, almost like he hadn't wanted to make Kris feel better.

"First shift for what? There won't be any more attacks. It's over! We beat the Prince of Teeth! We're heroes!" Clouded Moon said, since everyone else seemed to be forgetting.

"This is gonna be hilarious. Click's gonna kick himself for missing this," Kris said.

Spoiler: Road

Clouded Moon welcomed the chance for rest once darkness fell over the land. It was going to be a long journey back. Even without bloodthirsty monsters at her heel, transporting the Prince of Teeth would slow them down. She hadn't been asleep long when the noise of battle awakened her once more. Clouded Moon drew her blade and whirled in a circle looking for assailants.

She saw only Kris grappling with the Prince of Teeth by the riverbed, his head under the water's surface. Clouded Moon didn't feel good.

"Hey! C-c'mon! Can't you see he's not dangerous? You don't have to do that to him." Clouded Moon crept closer to the riverbank but couldn't bring herself to sheathe her blade.

"You wanna try telling him that?" Kris grunted and lost her footing on the slippery rocks. The bag came off the prince's head and he dove into the water. Kris grabbed his chain and braced herself against the shore. "If you're up, then help me, unless you want to violate the precepts of your mission."

Clouded Moon dropped her blade and helped pull the prince out of the water. Before he had a chance to thank her, Kris put the bag back over his head. "I'm doing you a favor, trust me," she said.

Clouded Moon wasn't really in the mood to talk so tried her best to rest. During her watch, they were attacked by a gang of gargoyles. Curiously, they only seemed interested in attacking the prince. By now, her party was adept at killing gargoyles, so it was dealt with quickly, but it still seemed odd, even if she was the only one who thought so.

The closer they got to home, the less like adventuring their quest became. After a few days, there weren't any more monster attacks. They were making camp one day and Clouded Moon took the prince his ration. She took the bag off his head at mealtimes. The others just rolled up the part for the mouth. He didn't cry out for his minions to swarm him. Not anymore.

"Here you go," she said and broke off a piece of a scone.

"No," he said, devoid of the bombast he'd had in his throne room.

"You've got to eat something," she said and had some herself in case he thought it was poisoned.

"Heavens and hells, you really don't know, do you, girl?" he said with something like pity. "I know if I go without for long enough, I'll die. I've made my peace with that."

"I don't think we're that far off," Clouded Moon said.

"Then it doesn't matter," the prince said.

Kris came over to relieve her. "What's this? You two having a little heart to heart?"

"I don't think he's hungry," Clouded Moon said, trying not to meet Kris's gaze.

"Huh. Why don't you go get us some more firewood, kid? Your shift's over." Kris picked up a piece of meat from the prince's plate and chewed it.

When Clouded Moon got back, the prince's plate was empty, and his mouth was bloody. Some of his teeth were broken. She hoped they got home soon.

Spoiler: Refusal

"One more day. I can't tell you how glad I'll be to be done with you," Kris said to no one in particular.

She took point in marching order, since Click was still dead. She'd stopped talking to the prince days ago. Mostly she acted like he wasn't even there. What Clouded Moon had thought was affectionate banter between her and Howell, or perhaps even the smoldering embers of a star-crossed romance between a holy man and whatever Kris was didn't look likely. The things they said to each other had about as much warmth behind them as the crystal parts of Kris's skin. They could hardly stand to look at each other anymore. About the most Kris said to Clouded Moon now was to change shifts.

"I can't help but wonder if my god guided me to capture the right unholy creature in that castle," Howell mused to himself.

"You're not fooling anyone, you know. We all know what god you worship. I don't know why you're still playing it coy," Kris said.

"Allowing you to hear his name would pollute it," Howell said.

"You guys have been, uh, you helped me succeed on my mission. That's something," Clouded Moon said, trying to keep a smile on her face.

"Her mission," Kris said. Despite himself, Howell couldn't suppress a chuckle. Clouded Moon couldn't figure out why.

Soon enough, they were at the mountain's base. Despite Kris and Howell's efforts to keep him fed, the prince was too weak to climb.

"I don't suppose you might consider making this easy on us," Kris said.

"Die in hell," the prince said.

"Fair enough," Kris said. "We'll have to tie him to a branch, hang him below us, and carry him up. It's the only way." They'd come this far. They tied themselves together and began the climb

Howell channeled the spirits of ancient beasts to climb the mountain with spectral claws, gouging holds into the rock. Kris shaped her crystals into hooks and spikes to speed her ascent. Clouded Moon had to make do with the nonmagical chains left in her possession, hammering spikes and digging in with pitons. Their ascent was uneven, but eventually, they got to the top.

Before they could get their bearings, Clouded Moon heard the ragged wheeze of the prince's breathing. He must have gotten the bag off. Clouded Moon got to her feet and turned around. The prince had a bottle of Kris's cursed soil in his teeth and was working the cork out with his tongue.

"No! I didn't go through all this for you to ruin it now!" Kris yelled.

"Guys, it's fine, maybe he just wants to heal his wounds. He doesn't look so good," Clouded Moon said.

"That foul earth kills regular people," Howell said. He reached for the ropes binding him to the others, but he was furthest from the prince.

"I really didn't want to have to do this." Kris's crystal eye glowed with a dull blackness. She held her empty hand out and the prince collapsed flat on his back. His toes turned inward, and his hands grasped into claws, palms out. He seized up and held so terribly still.

"Is he--?" Clouded Moon started.

"Finish a sentence. Once. Just once. No, you stupid girl, he's not dead." Kris opened her palm and held a grape-sized lump of brain. "The order was in one piece. I figure as long as it adds up, we'll still get the full sum."

Howell lifted the prince's limp body over his shoulder. "If not, it's coming out of your share, witch."

Clouded Moon winced, waiting for Kris's retort.

"You know what? That's reasonable. I'll give you that one," Kris said.

Clouded Moon cut herself loose from their climbing ropes and opened the door to the crone's house. "Wait, you guys are getting paid?"

Spoiler: Belly

Lord Roberts was waiting inside. He was wrapped in furs to ward off the chill of the mountain air. He had a lantern clutched in his fist. There was already a fire burning in the small house, but he seemed to treat the thing more as a talisman. Always, he kept it between himself and the crone.

"You're here. Thank the heavens. Come in, come in, come in," Lord Roberts said. "Gods know I can't stand being alone with this . . . thing," he murmured to Clouded Moon, putting his arm around her shoulder in a way that made her feel uncomfortable.

"That's not nice," Clouded Moon said. The crone teetered in the kitchen and ladled mulled wine into mugs. She accepted one just as Lord Roberts mouthed "don't" from behind the crone's hunched back.

"Thank you," Clouded Moon said and took a sip.

"That him?" Lord Roberts nodded toward the lump over Howell's shoulder.

"Most of him," Howell said.

"Snitch." Kris gave the crone a chin nod. "Here, catch." She tossed the chunk of brain toward the crone who opened her jaws and caught it like a dog. The edges of her mouth went back further than they should when they opened.

"Well, these things can get away from you," the crone said. "You empty his bladder and bowel?"

"He took care of that on the walk up. Is there anywhere I can change after?" Howell asked.

"Oh, feel free to use the garden. I have it mostly to myself." She limped over to him and picked the prince off his shoulder in one hand. The muscles in her arms stood out like cords of rope as she lifted him over the table and set him on the kitchen counter. She rubbed the prince with olive oil and sharpened an enormous razor on a whetstone.

"W-was this why you wanted him alive? So he'd be fresh?" Clouded Moon asked.

Lord Roberts laughed.

"Nothing so base, I assure you," the crone said as she shaved him.

"You'll see soon enough. Even if you wish you hadn't," Lord Roberts drank deeply from a flask around his neck.

The crone hanged the prince by the ankles over a ceiling beam so he dangled over the dining table. Above him was the skull of something between man and bull with writing under it, like a shrine to some evil god. Clouded Moon didn't want to know what it said. The prince's soft breathing didn't quicken.

"Please, everyone, sit. Make yourselves comfortable. We have a long night ahead of us," the crone said as she made a quick, triangular cut across the prince's neck, his blood draining into a bowl fashioned from some enormous thing's skull cap.

Kris picked at a roll with her crystalline talons and put a few crumbs of bread in her mouth.

"I hope it hurts, you bastard," Howell hissed.

"She's already eaten the part of him that feels pain. Feels anything, really. It's not in that spirit stuff you're so hot for. Just in our meat." Kris took a pinch of salt from a cellar on the table.

"Is the blood for a ritual or something? The blood of a great evil?" Clouded Moon asked. That was the kind of thing needed for powerful magic.

"No, it's for gravy," the crone said. She stood from her chair and took a bite out of the prince's calf. His lack of any reaction, even the slightest breath let Clouded Moon be sure he was quite dead.

"I don't feel so good," Clouded Moon said. "May I please be excused?" She pushed her chair back a hand span, but was stopped by Lord Roberts's arm across her back.

"No one moves. No one leaves. Not until she's finished. She has to destroy it all. What's to keep her from saving a piece aside if we don't watch her?" Lord Roberts asked, unblinking.

"Sir, forgive me for speaking out of turn, but this is-- this is wrong! What are we doing here?" Clouded Moon swallowed, feeling her gorge rise.

"When I found this thing digging up graves, I thought it was just a beast. I repacked the soft earth and buried what was left and tried to put it out of my mind. Our village is small. There's not enough fresh corpses to sustain its appetites. Soon, it began to kill to sate its hunger. On its own, this would be bad, but not unfixable. The problem was, people it ate couldn't always be brought back," Lord Roberts said.

"What, you mean she ate too much for the spell?" she asked.

"No. Even those spells, the ones that don't need a body. They didn't work. Those people were just gone. Forever."

"I don't understand," Clouded Moon said.

"There's a surprise," Kris said.

"A lesser man, a simpler man, would've seen this unnatural magic as something to be destroyed without a second thought. But not I. I cornered this thing and said in exchange for it leaving the village and going into exile, now and again, I'd feed it a nice big meal. Someone the world was better off without. But I know I couldn't leave it to its own devices. What would stop it from leaving a foot or a claw in its larder only to bring it back again and again? No. We had to monitor it. It's the only way," Lord Roberts said, seemingly more for his own benefit than anyone else's.

The crone took this talk in stride. By now, she was sucking the meat off the prince's ribs. Even if she'd been offended, she hardly could've responded. It wasn't long before she was cracking his bones to suck out the marrow. When they were dry, she ground them in her jaws like rye beneath a millstone. Lord Roberts nodded to Howell, who took out a scroll. He spoke the words to raise the dead and named the Prince of Teeth.

"Hey! You had that the whole time? Why didn't you use it on Click? He was your son!" Clouded Moon demanded.

Howell finished the incantation, and, chillingly, nothing happened. Lord Roberts nodded. "It is done. Farewell to the Prince of Teeth."

"I know he was my son. Why would you feel as though you needed to remind me of that? If I used it on him, I couldn't have proved our enemy was dealt with. How would we collect the bounty that way?" Howell said.

"Bounty? But I thought--" Clouded Moon began.

"We'll see you're taken care of, don't you worry yourself over it," Lord Roberts said.

"No. Well, I mean, thank you, of course, but I thought we were doing this to protect the land. Liberate the people the Prince of Teeth was oppressing. Did someone just hire us to do this?" Clouded Moon asked.

Lord Roberts chuckled. "Well, you don't get to be in a position like his without making a few enemies. The way I see it, we were doing a little of both. Who ever said a man can't serve two masters? Anyway, now that he's dealt with, I'll leave you to your own devices. Howell, go change out of that piss soaked robe. I'll send word to you when your money arrives and you can resurrect your idiot son as many times as you like." Howell grunted.

"Kris, until the next threat looms, you know the position of my personal guard is still open," Lord Roberts said.

"And it'll stay that way," she said.

"Clouded Moon, you have a lot to learn, but the next time there's a threat to the village--"

"Call someone else."

Spoiler: Two

After she'd bid the last of her visitors farewell, Oroba went into her garden. She burnt the priest's discarded garment and sprinkled the ashes in her spice garden. She lurched to the game board between her house and her sister's. The Prince of Teeth was no longer on the board. She moved her Knight of Chains a square forward and smiled.

Spoiler: stub

NE lesser tiefling incarnate 7/necrocarnate 3/life eater 10

Spoiler: abilities

before mods
str 16
dex 12
con 14
int 14
wis 14
cha 8

after racial mods
str 16
dex 14
con 14
int 16
wis 14
cha 6

after increases
str 18
dex 14
con 17
int 16
wis 14
cha 6

increase str at 4 and 20, increase con at 8, 12, and 16

Spoiler: table

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Tiefling Incarnate 1 +0 +2 +0 +2 bluff 4, hide 4, k (arcana) 4, k (planes) 4, k (religion) 4, ms 4 (2), spellcraft 4 midnight dodge aura, detect opposition (good), see in darkness
2nd Incarnate 2 +1 +3 +0 +3 k (arcana) 1 (5), k (planes) 1 (5), k (religion) 1 (5), ms 1 (2.5), spellcraft 1 (5) chakra bind (crown)
3rd Tiefling Incarnate 3 +1 +3 +1 +3 bluff 1 (5), hide 2 (6), k (arcana) 1 (6), k (religion) 1 (6), spellcraft 1 (6), ms 1 (3) necrocarnum acolyte expanded soulmeld capacity +1, incarnum radience 1/day + concealment
4th Incarnate 4 +2 +4 +1 +4 k (arcana) 1 (7), k (planes) 1 (6), k (religion) 1 (7), ms 1 (3.5), spellcraft 1 (7) chakra binds (feet, hands)
5th Incarnate 5 +2 +4 +1 +4 k (arcana) 1 (8), k (planes) 1 (6), k (religion) 1 (8), ms 1 (4), spellcraft 1 (8) rapid meldshaping 1/day
6th Incarnate 6 +3 +5 +2 +5 k (arcana) 1 (9), k (planes) 3 (9), spellcraft 1 (9) ordered chaos
7th Tiefling Incarnate 7 +3 +5 +2 +5 bluff 3 (8), hide 3 (9), spellcraft 1 (10) telepathy 100ft
8th Necrocarnate 1 +3 +5 +2 +7 intimidate 3, ms 2 (5) harvest soul (1 minute), improved meldshaper level
9th Necrocarnate 2 +4 +5 +2 +8 intimidate 5 (8) mindsight necrocarnum soulshield
10th Necrocarnate 3 +4 +6 +3 +8 intimidate 3 (11), never outnumbered chakra binds (arms, brow, shoulders)
11th Life Eater 1 +4 +8 +5 +10 balance 5, hide 4 (13) deathwatch, poison use
12th Life Eater 2 +5 +9 +6 +11 hide 2 (15), ms 7 (12) darkstalker sneak attack +1d6, death knell
13th Life Eater 3 +6/+1 +9 +6 +11 hide 1 (16), ms 3 (15), sleight of hand 5 chill touch
14th Life Eater 4 +7/+2 +10 +7 +12 sleight of hand 7 (12), mosquito's bite hide in plain sight
15th Life Eater 5 +7/+2 +10 +7 +12 hide 2 (18), intimidate 4 (15), ms 3 (18) double chakra (arm) sneak attack +2d6, wounding sneak attack
16th Life Eater 6 +8/+3 +11 +8 +13 bluff 4 (12), hide 1 (19), intimidate 3 (18), ms 1 (19) fatiguing touch
17th Life Eater 7 +9/+4 +11 +8 +13 bluff 5 (17), hide 1 (20), intimidate 2 (20), ms 1 (20) enervation
18th Life Eater 8 +10/+5 +12 +9 +14 bluff 3 (20), hide 1 (21), intimidate 1 (21), k (religion) 3 (11), ms 1 (21) open greater chakra (waist) sneak attack +3d6, draining sneak attack
19th Life Eater 9 +10/+5 +12 +9 +14 bluff 1 (21), hide 1 (22), intimidate 1 (22), k (religion) 5 (16), ms 1 (22) destruction
20th Life Eater 10 +11/+6/+1 +13 +10 +15 bluff 1 (23), hide 1 (23), intimidate 1 (23), k (religion) 5 (21), ms 1 (23) feed

Spoiler: playtips

Spoiler: 5

You get to enjoy the goodies of a standard evil incarnate. Get bonuses to a bunch of skills, deal reliable ranged damage with dissolving spittle. Tiefling incarnate's cool sub levels let you see in darkness, including magical, and gives concealment during incarnum radiance, which is pretty cool. Lesser tiefling allows you to benefit from effects such as enlarge person or similar. It also gives you darkness to hide in and trigger your hide in plain sight later on. Stay mobile and beat up enemies. Things are going to get interesting.

Spoiler: 10

Ordered chaos allows you to be treated as chaotic to enter life eater, while you actually remain NE throughout your whole career, so as to avoid losing your meldshaping from incarnate. Thanks, ordered chaos. It's also a thing tied to abyssial heritage, which dovetails nicely with tiefling. Tiefling incarnate gives telepathy, so you gotta get mindsight to pinpoint enemies to leap upon and drain the life from. Necrocarnate makes your bottled essentia into a fountain and lets it all be limitless. Just carry around the ol' bag of rats (or whatever) and have fun. Appropriate for an aspiring life eater. You've got your arm, brow, and shoulder open now too, so your melds are an awful lot more useful, letting you do great stuff, especially with your necrocarnum ensemble. The necrocarnum touch at range is a great conduit for your later sneak attacks via life eater.

Spoiler: 15

You're in life eater now. You can keep your necrocarnum touch (or whatever else) locked and loaded by doubling up your arm chakra, and darkstalker's online to go with your hide in plain sight (hips.) since life eater grants hide/ms. You've got the best kind, too, which allows you to make a check while being observed and without cover to hide behind. stay near 10ft of shadows, and you'll be golden. Necrocarnum touch's ray allows you to zap enemies for sneak attack at range if you like and goes well with life eater's negative energy focus. Goes very well with mindsight to zero in on enemies while staying hidden. Wound enemies, bleed them out, and kick some butt.

Spoiler: 20
You've wrapped up life eater and have the last of its abilities. You can destroy the soul itself and create a magic block only the gods can overcome. Nicely done. Your waist is open now, enabling further melds which synergize with your other soul destroying route via necrocarnate. Enjoy making your opponents' weaknesses your strengths.

Spoiler: sources

magic of incarnum: incarnate, necrocarnate, open greater chakra, double chakra, midnight dodge, tiefling incarnate
lords of madness: darkstalker, mindsight
player's guide to faerun: lesser tiefling
fiendish codex 1: ordered chaos
complete scoundrel: never outnumbered, mosquito's bite