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CE Unseelie Fey Jerren Ghost Rogue 3/Eidolon6/Life Eater 10/Swordsage 1

Spoiler: Background

The Cult of Baphomet was no place for the weak. The weak were crushed at the first opportunity to strengthen the rest. As a newling and an as yet proven initiate, I was more ruthless than most. However, being smaller than everyone else made me a constant target. I quickly grew tired of that game, and so I switched things up on my tormentors.

Volunteering as sacrifice to our Lord, I lay down upon the Alter free of restraints and let the Shaman do their worst upon me. It wasn’t without pain of course, but it was pain in His name. An eternity later and my life-force was finally severed. I was left to roam alone in the vast empty endlessness. But, I had done my research, and now had more power than those who had sought to subjugate me. I could now wound and harm with a mere touch, and I took endless pleasure in tormenting those who had placed themselves above me.

With no need to sleep, I could awaken them in the night with a caress, ravaging their bodies and souls, and then sinking from view before they could respond. My name became a Curse amongst my enemies who never knew when I would strike, or how.

Spoiler: Details

Flexible Ghost Advancement Variant: can advance class levels and still stay a ghost.
Path of the Corrupter
Repulsive Appearance (-6 Bluff/Diplo/Gather Info/Perform/CHA to influence NPC’s) +6 to Intimidate

Jerren: +2 DEX, -2 STR, Small (+1 Attack/AC, +4 Hide), Speed 20
+2 Intimidate, Bluff, Move Silent, Listen
+1 on all saves and +2 morale on saves vs fear
Always Evil

Unseelie Fey Template: -2 STR/CON, +2 DEX/CHA,
Roll d100 for wings type/usability, roll d100 for vision mode
Autumn Harvest (Su) 1+CHA/day uses, standard action touch attack as targeted dispel magic, CL=HD
DR by HD: 1-3 none, 4-7 5/cold iron, 8-11 10/cold iron, 12+ 15/cold iron. Iron Vulnerability (Ex) iron/steel touch deals 1 damage, hits deal extra 1d6.
+4 to Intimidate, Always Evil

Ghost Template: Become Outsider (Incorporeal) Speed 30, fly (good), CHA to AC (deflection)
Lowlight Vision, Disembodied Soul (Ex), No Discernable Anatomy (Ex) immune to crit/sneak attack, disease/poison that affects physical body, no need to eat, breathe, sleep. Ectoplasmic Body (Ex) senses are muted, can’t become fatigued/exhausted. Sense Physical Body (Ex), Ghost Weakness (Ex) if hit by sneak/crit from a silver weapon FORT DC 15 or stunned for 1 round. When a ghost is incorporeal it has no STR score. +4 on Hide checks while incorporeal
14d6+6d8+20 HPs

Point Buy:
S 7, D 15, C 14, I 10, W 12, C 17
S 3, D 19, C 12, I 10, W 12, C 19
all points to CHA, 24 end

Spoiler: Build

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Rogue +0 +0 +2 +0 Bluff 4, Hide 4, Intimidation 4, Know-Rel 4, Listen 4, Move 4, Sense 4, Spot 4 Education SA +1d6, Trapfinding
2nd Eidolon +1 +0 +2 +2 Intim 5, Know 5 (B)Corrupting Touch -
3rd Eidolon 2 +2 +0 +2 +3 Intim 6, Know 6 (B)Agony Touch (DEX), Dodge -
4th Rogue 2 +3 +0 +3 +3 Bluff 5, Hide 6, Initm 7, Know 7, Listen 5, Move 5, Spot 5 - -
5th Rogue 3 +4 +1 +3 +4 Bluff 6, Hide 7, Intim 8, Know 8, Listen 6, Move 6, Sense 5, Spot 6 - SA +1d6, Spell Sense ACF
6th Life Eater +4 +3 +5 +6 Bluff 7, Hide 8, Intim 9, Know 9, Sense 6, Listen 7 Shriveling Touch (DEX) Deathwatch, Poison Use
7th Life Eater 2 +5 +4 +6 +7 Bluff 8, Hide 9, Intim 10, Know 10, Sense 7, Spot 7 - SA +1d6, Death Knell
8th Life Eater 3 +6 +4 +6 +7 Bluff 9, Hide 10, Intim 11, Sense 8, Spot 8, Listen 8 - Chill Touch
9th Life Eater 4 +7 +5 +7 +8 Bluff 10, Hide 11, Intim 12, Spot 9, Never Outnumbered Freezing Touch Hide in Plain Sight
10th Life Eater 5 +7 +5 +7 +8 Bluff 12, Hide 13, Intim 13, Spot 10 - SA +1d6, Wounding SA
11th Life Eater 6 +8 +6 +8 +9 Bluff 13, Hide 14, Intim 14, Sense 9, Spot 11, Listen 9 - Fatiguing Touch
12th Life Eater 7 +9 +6 +8 +9 Bluff 14, Hide 15, Intim 15, Sense 10, Spot 12, Listen 10 Enervating Touch Enervation
13th Life Eater 8 +10 +7 +9 +10 Bluff 15, Hide 16, Intim 16, Sense 11, Spot 13, Listen 11 - SA +1d6, Draining SA
14th Life Eater 9 +10 +7 +9 +10 Bluff 16, Hide 17, Intim 17, Sense 12, Spot 14, Listen 12 - Destruction
15th Life Eater 10 +11 +8 +10 +11 Bluff 17, Hide 18, Intim 18, Sense 13, Spot 15, Listen 12 Improved Energy Drain Feed
16th Eidolon 3 +12 +9 +11+ +11 Hide 19, Intim 19 - -
17th Eidolon 4 +13 +9 +11 +12 Hide 20, Intim 20 (B)Touch Attack Specialization - Agony Touch (DEX) -
18th Eidolon 5 +14 +9 +11 +12 Hide 21, Intim 21 Agony Touch - CON -
19th Eidolon 6 +15 +10 +12 +13 Hide 22, Intim 22 (B)Touch Attack Specialization - Shriveling Touch -
20th Unarmed Swordsage +15 +10 +14 +15 Hide 23, Intim 23, Listen 14, Sense 15 (B)Weapon Focus - Unarmed Quick to Act +1, Manuevers, Stance

1- Education - All Knowledges as class skills, and +1 to 2 (Rel and any other)
2- Corrupting Touch: (29) touch attack for 1d4 dmg
3- Agony Touch: REQ Corrupting Touch, CHA 11(28) choose 1 physical ability score (Dex), when you touch a creature deal 1d4 temp dmg
3- Dodge
6- Shriveling Touch: REQ Corrupting Touch/Agony Touch for same score, CHA 13 (38) touch attack permanently drains 1d4 points (DEX)
9- Freezing Touch: REQ Corrupting Touch (33) touch attack deals 1d6 cold
12- Enervating Touch: REQ Corrupting Touch, CHA 15 (31) touch attack deals a negative level, 24 hrs later, DC 10+1/2HD+CHA, failure removes a level permanently
15- Improved Energy Drain - whenever you bestow a negative level, gain +1 to skills/ability checks/attacks/saves for 1 hour
17- Touch Attack Specialization – Agony Touch +2 Damage
18- Agony Touch (CON) – choose 1 physical ability score (CON), when you touch a creature deal 1d4 temp dmg
19- Touch Attack Specialization – Shriveling Touch: +2 Damage

Depending on which school of thought you believe in, we either qualify for 5th lvl stances/maneuvers at 20th, or you get a 1st level stance for IL 10, and still qualify for 5th Maneuvers. Clearly, Assassin’s Stance for 2d6 extra SA is best here, but if not then we’ll take the Blood in the Water Stance (TC 1) Crits equal +1 attack/damage for 1 min and stacks w/ itself. Or, the Hunter’s Sense Stance (TC 1) to gain Scent because a ghost w/ Scent is hilarious. However, anything chosen out of Setting Sun/Shadow Hand would require some rework to qualify for the stance since most of them require 1 maneuver from that school known. The stance chose if not Assassin's is irrelevant to gameplay.

1- Counter Charge (71)- opposed DEX check at +4 if smaller than target, succeed and can move target 2 squares and charge fails, fail and target gets extra +2 to charge attack

4- Comet Throw (71)– as part of melee touch attack, resolve as trip attempt w/o provoking AoO at +4 to DEX, success means you can throw target 10 feet and it lands prone and takes 4d6, extra range for better success.

5- Mirrored Pursuit (73) – when opponent moves, use this to move directly next to them w/o provoking AoO

3- Shadow Garrote (78) – 60ft ranged touch 5d6 and fort DC 13+WIS or become flat footed until next turn

3- Strength Draining Strike (80) – As part of melee attack, deal 4 pts STR damage, FORT DC 13+WIS for half.

5- Bloodletting Strike (76) – as part of melee attack, deal 4 pts CON damage, FORT DC 15+WIS for half

Spoiler: Breakdown

5- A roguish ghost with a few uses of dex draining attacks. 2d6 sneak and a minor ac boost vs spells. Best thing at this rank is you are incorporeal at a level that most things can’t affect you.

10- Halfway into Life Eater, 4d6 sneak. 3/day chill touch, but endless freezing Touches and HiPS tacked on to a maxed hide (along w/ the +8 bonus from racials) for more sneaky sneaks. A Ghost – Touched Gauntlet would allow for poison use provided you could dip your gauntlet into it, but otherwise Poison is the only aspect of the SI we’re not using. 10 uses per day now of both Agony and Shriveling for temporary and permanent DEX drain.

Fun point to argue. Life Eater’s Sneak Attack entry specifically states: “…the life eater’s attack deals extra damage”. As a ghost, using Agony or Shriveling, the only damage we’re doing is ability damage, meaning you should be able to apply at least the Life Eater’s SA bonus to that ability damage, if not all your SA “..this extra damage stacks with any extra sneak attack damage”. So while you only have 10 agony and shriveling attacks at this point, each one should be doing 1d4+4d6 DEX damage, likely dropping 1 opponent to the floor per attack. Does then Wounding Sneak deal 1 DEX/round/SA, or 1 normal damage?

Chill Touch would then do extra damage in the SA as well as its 1 STR damage.

15- Done w/ the SI, 1/day Enervation as an SLA, but endless Enervating Touches. Fatiguing Touch for more STR/DEX fun 1/day, along w/ Destruction 1/day and Feed. Arguably Feed grants a +5 to CON over time, so now our CON would be 17, and at this point add 60 HPs to the build, but that’s subjective to gameplay of course. As a ghost, imagine yourself as Lord Voldemort sucking the life from a Unicorn! SA up to 5d6 now. Improved Energy Drain also gives us a bonus anytime we gift someone w/ a negative level.

20- 4 more ranks in Eidolon brings 2 more bonus Ghost Feats, which we use to bump our Agony/Shriveling (DEX) attacks by 2 damage meaning each is now doing 3-6 + 5d6 SA at 20 uses a day (or 4-6 depending on when you apply the damage, before the save or after?). Also picking up 20 uses of CON drain/day. The last rank in Swordsage gets you another +1 to attacks, +1 to Init, and a pile of up to 5th lvl Maneuvers. The stance is open, although there are suggestions. If Assassin’s Stance is ruled legal, that’s 7d6 sneak.

All of the Ghost feat attacks grant you weapon finesse to your attacks, so it isn’t needed to be taken in the build. They all also double any damage (even Ability damage or level loss) on a confirmed crit. At the very unlikely event that you ran out of Agony/Shriveling attacks, you could always plink an opponent to death w/ 1d4+5-7d6 SA’s w/ corrupting touch or 1d6+SA cold freezing attacks, or enervate them into oblivion. Plus, they’re all touch attacks, which bypass Armor.

I chose DEX over STR or CON for Agony/Shriveling as it affects Initiative, REF saves and AC. STR would only really target an opponent’s Hit chance/damage of which we’re mostly unafraid of, and CON would only affect FORT and Hit Points. We do pick up CON later to help flush out the FORT saves our maneuvers will force, meaning you can now affect all 3 physical scores to drop someone to 0 in one hit. Now targeting also the FORT save means that Destruction has a better chance of succeeding as well.

Sweet spots: 3, 12, and every level from 15 on.

Spoiler: Sources

Book of Vile Darkness: Jerren 15
Complete Mage: Spell Sense 35
Dragon Compendium: Unseelie Fey 222
Ghostwalk: Flexible Advancement 12, Education 31, Ghost 163, Ghost Feats 28-39, Eidolon 16
Libris Mortis: Improved Energy Drain 27
Tome of Battle: Swordsage 15, Maneuvers/Stances
http://archive.wizards.com/dnd/artic...fr/pg20020911b Life Eater

In a completely open game, the Races of Ansalom: Dragonlance – Nightstalker base class is perfect as an entry into Life Eater, but in IC it’s not legal sadly.