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Qua'Tro the Bladestorm
Spoiler: Background

Qua'Tro had been found outside the city of Fairhaven while he was still very young. He was found by a middle aged university professor called Karl Avenheim that happily seized this opportunity to prove that nurture, not nature, was the most important factor in how someone turned out by raising the child of the bloodthirsty mantis folk as noble scholar.

The professor ended up rather disappointed. though Qua'Tro was quite willing and able to learn, his desire to show his superiority in martial matters trumped Karl's desire to turn him into a scholar, and once fully grown he left the professor's care to join a mercenary company. This company was sent to deal with a group of raiding minotaurs in the hinterlands. Upon seeing the utter ineffectiveness of his compatriots against the savagery of the great beasts, Qua'Tro promptly switched sides as he saw his own desire for martial perfection reflected in the rage-filled eyes of the minotaurs.

Qua'Tro's time with the Minotaurs got cut short as a group of actual adventurers was send in to deal with them and the herd got promptly slaughtered. Qua'Tro wasn'ta t the camp when it happened, as a vague horned figure in his dreams had warned him to leave. Qua'Tro's education had covered the religious significance of prophetic dreams, so he happily followed the instructions of his new god as his patron led him to ever greater deeds of savagery and slaughter.

Spoiler: Stub

CE (non-psionic) Thri-Keen fighter 1/barbarian 1/ninja 2/life eater 10/sword-sage 1/ninja+2
Ability scores
Base Racial Level 4 Level 8 Level 12 Level 16 total
STR 10 +2 - - - - 12
DEX 16 +4 +1 +1 - - 22
CON 14 - - - - - 14
INT 14 -2 - - - - 12
WIS 14 +2 - - +1 +1 18
CHA 10 -4 - - - - -6

Spoiler: Build table

Note: the non-psionicThri-keen from 'shining south' has two HD and 1 LA. The starting stats of the Thri-keen are given on the 'level 3' row of the table. Note that because of the LA, standard feats are gained one level alter in the table than they otherwise would be.
Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st - - - - - - - -
2nd - - - - - - - -
3rd Thri-keen +2 +0 +3 +3 hide 5, spot 5, knowledge (religion) 5 education(religion and nature) -
4th Fighter 1 +3 +2 +3 +3 intimidate 3, hide 5, spot 5, knowledge (religion) 5 multiweapon fighting, weapon finesse(fighter bonus) Hit-and-run ACF
5th Barbarian 1 +4 +4 +3 +3 intimidate 7, hide 5, spot 5, knowledge (religion) 6 - whirling frenzy 1/day, pounce (from spirit lion totem ACF)
6th Ninja 1 +4 +4 +5 +3 intimidate 7, hide 6, spot 5, knowledge (religion) 7, bluff 5 - ki power, sudden strike (+1d6), trapfinding, AC bonus
7th Ninja 2 +5 +4 +6 +3 intimidate 7, hide 7, spot 5, knowledge (religion) 8, bluff 5, move silently 5 dodge ghost step(invisible)
8th life eater 1 +5 +6 +8 +5 intimidate 7, hide 10, spot 5, knowledge (religion) 8, bluff 5, move silently 9 - deathwatch, poison use
9th life eater 2 +6 +7 +9 +6 intimidate 11, hide 11, spot 5, knowledge (religion) 8, bluff 5, move silently 11 - sneak attack +1d6, death knell
10th life eater 3 +7 +7 +9 +6 intimidate 12, hide 12, spot 9, knowledge (religion) 8, bluff 5, move silently 12 multidexterity chill touch
11th Life eater 4 +8 +8 +10 +7 intimidate 13, hide 13, spot 13, knowledge (religion) 8, bluff 5, move silently 13 - hide in plain sight
12th life eater 5 +8 +8 +10 +7 intimidate 14, hide 14, spot 14, knowledge (religion) 11, bluff 5, move silently 14 - sneak attack +2d6, wounding sneak attack
13th life eater 6 +9 +9 +11 +8 intimidate 15, hide 15, spot 15, knowledge (religion) 14, bluff 5, move silently 15 improved multiweapon fighting fatiguing touch
14th life eater 7 +10 +9 +11 +8 intimidate 16, hide 16, spot 16, knowledge (religion) 16, bluff 5, move silently 16, balance 1 - Enervation
15th Life eater 8 +11 +10 +12 +9 intimidate 17, hide 17, spot 17, knowledge (religion) 17, bluff 5, move silently 17, balance 3 - sneak attack +3d6, draining sneak attack
16th Life eater 9 +11 +10 +12 +9 intimidate 18, hide 18, spot 18, knowledge (religion) 18, bluff 5, move silently 18, balance 5 expanded ki pool Destruction
17th life eater 10 +12 +11 +13 +10 intimidate 19, hide 19, spot 19, knowledge (religion) 19, bluff 5, move silently 19, balance 5, skill trick: nimble charge - Feed
18th Sword sage 1 +12 +11 +15 +12 intimidate 20, hide 20, spot 20(CC), knowledge (religion) 20, bluff 5, move silently 20, balance 6, skill trick: nimble charge - quick to act +1, discipline focus (weapon focus)(shadow hand)
19th ninja 3 +13 +12 +15 +13 intimidate 21(CC), hide 21, spot 21, knowledge (religion) 21, bluff 5, move silently 21, balance 7, skill trick: nimble charge shadow blade sudden strike(+2d6), poison use
20th ninja 4 +14 +12 +16 +14 intimidate 22(CC), hide 22, spot 22, knowledge (religion) 22, bluff 5, move silently 22, balance 8, skill trick: nimble charge - great leap

Spoiler: Stance and Maneuvers

island of Blades

Maneuvers(those with a star are typically prepared):
cloak of deception*
distracting ember*
burning blade*
wolf fang strike
sudden leap
dancing mongoose*

Spoiler: level-by-level breakdown and some numbers

At ECL 5 Qua'Tro is a fairly simple melee-beatstick. Your combat trick is to charge someone, stab them four times for damage, and the bite them for some more damage. Simple and probably at least somewhat effective. Ranks in intimidate give you something to do outside of combat. The level of barbarian also let's you rage once, and the whirling frenzy acf gives you an extra attack while raging.

ECL 6-8
Two levels in ninja give you the sneaky skills necessary to get into life eater. They also allow you to turn invisible 4 times per day, which allows you to set up your sneak attacks rather easily.
You should probably have a chat with your DM about saving up the poison Thri-keen naturally create for later use with your 'poison use' skill.

ECL 9-14
During these levels, you develop in a rather decent scout wiht hide in plain sight and decent sneaking skills. You also pick up a bunch of SLA's, most of which are worse than just stabbing someone a whole bunch of times given the riders you get on your sneak attacks.

ECL 15 (sweet spot)
This is the level where all the stuff finally starts coming together. Untill now you where a decent scout and sneak-attack blender, but with the addition of the negative level rider you suddenly become very dangerous. At this point, a full-attack routine consists of 9 attacks (2 main-hand attacks, 6 off-hand attacks and a bite) so you'll be dropping a bunch of negative levels whenever you attacks. Even if it doesn't kill your victim in a single round, it'll make them a lot less relevant for the combat given the significant penalties the stacking negative levels would inflict.

ECL 16-20
The destruction SLA gives you a nice ranged option once per day, or a finisher against someone that you've already given a bunch of negative levels. Your save DC's might not be very high, but if someone's already taking a -10 penalty you might just get lucky. Feed gives you a bit more Con for survivability, which is nice.
The level in sword-sage gives you a bunch more toys, including a once-per-combat invisibility which should reduce the drain on your uses of invisibility from ninja, a once-per combat flanking buddy, a once-per-combat damage boost in the form of burning blade (which would be significant given the amount of attacks you get per round) and a once-per-combat additional 2 attacks, for those situations where someone really needs stabbing about a dozen times.
The last two levels of ninja give you an additional use of ghost step and 1d6 more sudden strike, which is not bad, but nothing to write home about.

Spoiler: Numbers

HP:48+2d8+1d10+1d12+14d6(118 average)
AC:23(Dex+wis+natural AC)
full attack routine:+18/+18/+18/+18/+13/+13/+13/+13/+8 and a bite at +13. The main attack routine with shortswords would deal 6d6+13 damage each to a flatfooted target, as well as a negative level and an additional point of damage on the next turn. The bite deals 1d4+5d6+7 damage to a flatfooted target, with the same riders as the weapon attacks.
ghost step uses: 9/day

Spoiler: Sources

shining south: thri-keen
complete champion:spirit lion totem barbarian acf
complete scoundrel: expanded ki pool
savage species: improved multi-weapon fighting
monster manual: multi-weapon fighting
complete adventurer: ninja
tome of battle: swordsage, shadow blade, stances and maneuvers
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