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Hmm, you'll need to scrounge up the money to make a stronger navy, then. Realm Divide involves your rivals sending full stack armies by sailing ships around your territories so they can hit softer targets. If you can't stop enemy navies right now, you're likely to get overwhelmed from behind by everyone at the same time. Even an easily defensible island like Kyushu is not going to help you in that case.
My other suggestion is to turn military buildings into economy buildings.
To clarify, I DO have a pair of strong navies (each one consisting of 2 Sengoku Bune, 4 Medium Bune and 4 Bow Kobaya). It's just that they're currently baby-sitting the trade ships at the nodes I have, since I'm worried the Yamana will just target those next, or the Wako Pirates will. Would you recommend sending those navies to drive off the Yamana fleets and then build some more ships at the newly freed ports to beef up the trade fleets so they can protect themselves?

And I do want to build up more economic buildings, especially in towns like Iwate and Bungo, but what worries me about that is how much time it will take to build up the koku to afford those buildings, combined with the build times and the waiting for technologies to complete, especially since some of those technologies will take 10 turns or more to complete. Since it's already 1574, I'm worried that waiting will cause me to run out the clock to 1600 and I'll lose. I think I have about 104 turns left at this point.

Have I played myself into a corner here? Would it be easier for me to just restart my attempt since I spent so much time waiting to research Gunpowder Mastery to get the Advanced Firearms achievement?

Thank you again for the advice, I didn't realize just how rusty at this game I was!