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    Default Re: Got a Real-World Weapon, Armour or Tactics Question? Mk. XXVIII

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiero View Post
    I'm struggling to find much information on Incan bronzesmithing, but I'm not sure they were all that advanced compared to the likes of the Chinese. They seem to have used copper and arsenical bronze, and while Peru is a source of tin, it doesn't appear to have been in widespread use. The absence of longer blades than knives/spearheads/axeheads is suggestive.
    They made some very interesting art, but their tools and weapons were quite lacking, when compared with Old World's Bronze Age cultures...

    But I think the setting states that the Tlalocana have access to "real" bronze (that is, tin and copper alloys) and they have inherited some of the technical expertise of a more advanced civilization... the only reason they canīt use iron and steel if because monster shenanigans...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiero View Post
    Bronze is an alloy of copper and something else. Tin isn't the only potential partner to the copper, one used earlier was arsenic. That's where the myths of the "lame smith" come from, because working with arsenic is very unhealthy. So you've got potential license with what the other material(s) are.
    I just want to point that not all alloys containing copper are bronze... Yes, many copper alloys (with arsenic, phosphor, alluminium...etc.) besides "proper" bronze (which is copper, tin and maybe something else, usually arsenic) are called "bronze", but not all of them...copper-zinc alloy is brass, a copper-nickel alloy is cupronickel, a copper-nickel-tin alloy is gunmetal... etc.
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