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    Encounter N: King Neptune's Merciless Wrath; Round 3

    The tides push Nauta and Valafar 20 feet back. Nauta and Valafar both take 2 damage from being pushed against the rocks. The rocks which Valafar hit crack upon impact with the Armor of Agathys.

    The Piranha Shark pounds away from the area, its blood now joining the red water it was so attracted too. It manages to overpower the tide with its hydrodynamic body built for such a purpose. The beast fades away into the depths, and eventually goes far beyond your sight.

    You knew that the wind was strong around here, but you seen begin to realize that it may have been even stronger than you expected. Lomax can hear the ghostly moan of some creature penetrating through the wind, which must mean that it can't be more than a few feet away. He rapidly turns around to discover that a whale is being tumbled through the air, and being tossed directly at you. With much surprise Lomax drops to the rocks on its stomach as the goliath beast flies directly over him, and drops like a meteor onto the ground not far in front of him. Its tail catches in the rocks, causing its body to swing until its head lands on the ground right in front of Sonderholme.

    Lomax avoids the whale.
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