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Thread: The new general "Dominions 5" Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by lord_khaine View Post
    Hah.. yeah.. i also lost my Charizard to a heavy cavalry group.
    But at the same time it not an earth serpent. You likely should not expand blindly with it.
    Of course not certain if it can expand after the fireblast nerf.

    Also not certain that Far Shot or Thunder Weapons work on ranged natural attacks?
    Charizard should do fine if you give it a couple turns for the Heat scales to spread/start moving in Summer, it would just require waiting a couple turns - that Heat Power would do a lot for its survivability, especially combined with the high Berserk value (and/or go full Fire and take Awe bless, maybe.) Similar to how if you want to expand with a lot of the Titans you'll do best if you wait a couple of turns and make them a basic armor to help fix up their generally kinda crappy Prot. Might be easier to take one of the Great Veterans and let their retinues do the work, tho, at least for softer target provinces. (I had taken Fire Weapons, because the idea of Flaming Fire attacks amused me.)

    There's a specific tag that flags a weapon as .. I want to say the term the game uses is 'intrinsic' and disqualifies it from benefiting from those effects. Mind Blast is the most common example of it. Lore-wise the Pokemon ranged attacks are 'natural' weapons, but mechanically I think they're just weapons right now and should benefit from weapon blesses just like bows do.. admittedly I'm not 100% sure on how that interacts with Area effects instead of single-target projectiles.
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