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Tim, this has obviously been the worst night ever, but this place looks quiet and comfortable and you cannot go out there again. The Angel has turned over every rock and every beetle is scuttling out into the light and oh my god that metaphor should not be so literal and you can not go out there again. This is the only safe space in the entire castle and you are obviously the luckiest person ever to find it.

Tell me a bit about the horrible things you saw and how you made your way here.
Why hasn't there been a zombie movie that's gotten the living dead right?

Why hasn't some enterprising makeup artist accurately captured the myriad of organic matter that can - at any time - slough off a dead body?

Why is it that nobody considers the unspeakable trail of detritus that must follow wherever a zombie may go, the extent that a horde multiplies said leavings, and the logistical and gastrointensinal challenges that must await any soul who wishes to cross their past path?

Oh, that's right! Because it's the worst thing any person should ever have to see and he will - ironically - take this night to his grave. Do you want to know how poor Timothy Crompton made it to this tower, when so many others did not? It was because this was the least undesireable of the options set before him.

What's that? You want to know how he discovered the secret passage that led him helplessly into the clutches of a terrible vampire? Oh, that one's easy.

It's because the universe decided he hadn't suffered enough.

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A bundle of warm-blooded panic fumbles in to the small spire room. His eyes narrows with annoyance because he just lost his secret knowledge of yet another decent hideout. He could swear the angel's admission policy had changed this year. This place felt fuller than ever of bumbling idiots students. Every single one either over the moon or crushed in defeat to be here. Either relishing in the dark influence that could be found from their fellow misfits or dreading the purgatory of the curriculum's attempt at rehabilitation. One or the other, there was no normal here, no humble mind simply taking it one day at a time, looking to just make the best of each day.

Except for one.

And he just barged in to his own private hideaway. Or, what used to be his own private hideaway. The secret was basically public knowledge the moment the human bustled in.

"Crompton, isn't it?" Samael finally said, voice low and soft, stepping away from the shadowy nook he'd stood in and towards the new arrival. He snapped an old, worn, dusty copy of Herman Melville's famous tale shut.
"I'M AWAKE!" Timothy shrieked, leaping with fright. He managed to only drop some of his worldly possessions. "Y-Yes. Of the...the Wilkenstonshire Cromptons. Sir." He added as he scrambled to collect his things.

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Did he honestly bring a blanket? Like a toddler?

"You're new." It wasn't a question.

Samael put the book down on the little sill of the tiny narrow window of the spire and looked sideways over his shoulder towards Timothy, eying him head to toe. The lighting in here was dim, not to attract undue attention, but it was enough to show the thirst in his eyes.

[Rolling to Turn Tim On: 5+4+2=11 I take another String on Tim and he chooses a reaction]
Oh. That was a...novel way to be looked at. (Okay, maybe it happened once before but he couldn't see well enough to check that time no wait don't think about that right now)

Timothy froze, halfway to stuffing a pillow into his bundle of things, suddenly feeling lightheaded for some reason. Perhaps it was the color simultaneously draining and flushing from his cheeks? Perhaps it was realization that he was caught in a trap most perilous and inescapable? Perhaps it was the thought that those noises he heard so long ago were muffled by two windows and at least fifteen feet and there could be plenty of nuance that he'd missed STOP IT YOU STUPID BRAIN CAN YOU PLEASE THINK OF SOMETHING USEFUL

"Not any more new than the other freshman. Sir."

Antagonizing your soon-to-be killer: Brilliant start.

He gulped audibly, and continued. "I'm terribly sorry about all this, I hadn't the slightest idea you were here. With all the commotion, I was...looking for a quiet corner to study in. I found my way here, you surprised me, I dropped my things, you started talking, I started talking, I'm still talking, I haven't quite stopped yet, so I will get on that immediately." He clamped his mouth shut, and assumed his best, most deferential parade rest. Yes, nothing at all to worry about from this meek student of yours. Totally harmless. You can let him go at any time, with zero consequences or regret. "I don't suppose you'd have a closet I could...camp out in?"

[I choose Timothy gets awkward and embarrased.]