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Thread: The new general "Dominions 5" Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyckspoon View Post
    It does seem to me that all the pokemon nations kind of feel very similar with just a different elemental skin on? Like practically everything has a ranged attack and they're mostly in cheap swarms, so the default strategy for almost all nations is just absolutely burying enemies under volume of fire, you really want Wind Guide/Flaming Arrows, and the ones that can do that easily just kind of Pokemon better than the ones that cant?

    (At least moderate exceptions, and possibly indications that this is more perception than reality: Pewter has pretty awesome heavy thugs/super combatants/monster forces with Onyx and Golem, both the recruit versions and shiny commanders. Celadon's Kabutops are absolutely terrifying heavy infantry/hellbless sacreds, and are much easier and more reliable to make a focus of strategy now that you can park them in a training site for XP - basically time-delay recruiting from the base Kabuto instead of needing to break underwater and get 1/turn if you're lucky enough to find a province with enough rec points.)
    The pokémon nations do all follow a basic structure, but still I did try to add significant differences:

    -Pewter City indeed has the hardest stuff around.
    -Cerulean has also quite a lot of sailing and amphibious stuff, allowing them to attack from unexpected angles in any map with a decent water presence.
    -Vermillion has the whole Stormpower subtheme, also only pokémon nation so far with seducers.
    -Celadon has poison auras on most their stuff and eventually mindless tough troops with parasects, plus the biggest commander variety.
    -Most of Fuschia's city commanders are stealthy with a good selection of stealthy troops to boot meaning they can actively pursuit a stealth approach.
    -Cinnabar is the nation most reliant in their element so far.

    Then of course depending on which type of magic you have available would also change your strategies.

    Quote Originally Posted by tyckspoon View Post
    Is it intended/desired that your Pretender be the one casting the special recruit site rituals? If not, you may want to reduce the path requirements; 5 is a pretty high ask for recruitable mages, especially in paths where the boosters themselves are hard to make (Air/Fire suffer worst). If yes, this strongly discourages using immobiles, as you effectively lock yourself out of using these spells and recruiting their associated mon.
    As lord_khaine pointed out, every nation can reliably reach level 4 in their main magic path through the cap ace mages, and from there you can always forge at least one booster to reach level 5 (earth boots for Pewter City lv 2, both ring of water lv 1 and sea robe lv 3 for Cerulean, winged helmet needs lv 4 for Vermillion, thistle mage lv 2 for Celadona nd Fusciha fire helmet also lv 4 for Cinnabar). You'll need to research construction, but you were probably planning to do it anyway. Or you can take a pretender with it and research rush the sites.

    Quote Originally Posted by lord_khaine View Post
    Yeah. Its perhaps not entirely removed from the truth either.
    I have taken Order 3 on all nations so far. Well and likely you want Arrow fend more than anything else.
    Well Order 3 is already a pretty popular option.

    Quote Originally Posted by tyckspoon View Post
    Charizard should do fine if you give it a couple turns for the Heat scales to spread/start moving in Summer, it would just require waiting a couple turns - that Heat Power would do a lot for its survivability, especially combined with the high Berserk value (and/or go full Fire and take Awe bless, maybe.) Similar to how if you want to expand with a lot of the Titans you'll do best if you wait a couple of turns and make them a basic armor to help fix up their generally kinda crappy Prot. Might be easier to take one of the Great Veterans and let their retinues do the work, tho, at least for softer target provinces. (I had taken Fire Weapons, because the idea of Flaming Fire attacks amused me.)

    There's a specific tag that flags a weapon as .. I want to say the term the game uses is 'intrinsic' and disqualifies it from benefiting from those effects. Mind Blast is the most common example of it. Lore-wise the Pokemon ranged attacks are 'natural' weapons, but mechanically I think they're just weapons right now and should benefit from weapon blesses just like bows do.. admittedly I'm not 100% sure on how that interacts with Area effects instead of single-target projectiles.
    All pokémon weapons have the #bonus tag. The basic function is prevent multi-weapon fighting penalties. I believe they benefit from blesses just fine, but didn't really remember to test it yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by lord_khaine View Post
    Charizard can indeed still clear provinces without cavalry, even without any sort of combat bless.
    Though Heat Power doesnt really do anything for its survival.
    The knights still trashes stuff inside heat dominion.
    But otherwise the nation kinda feels screwed against anything with noticeable Fire resistance. Like Abysians or Garnet Amazons.
    Sooo, bigger price tag for the rapidash riders? 100 gold? 120?

    As for fire resistance, welp sadly Gen 1 fire pokémon aren't really known for their variety. That's why I added the scientists so they can fall back on communions should the enemy start spamming fire resistance spells.

    Still an idea I had just now, how aboult a second charmander-charmeleon-charizard line, "war charmander", not sacred, no fire anything besides fire resistance, and instead just hit hard with Scratch/Slash/Fury Swipes plus neutral dragon rage along slightly better base stats. Fluffwise they contain their heat to power up physically. Maybe even do a third armored line. How does that sound?
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