Annalee, who does not have the benefit of Carmen Rakam's perfect silhouette lighting, looks at Elodie once, eyes taking in her baggy shirt and short shorts top to bottom and casually dismisses the entire outfit without so much as twitching her mouth. She says nothing about it though. She herself is wearing a black soft polyester t-shirt and a pair of black pajama pants with rabbits hopping up and down the legs, rabbits being in fashion this season. She never really looks great, but the outfit is a solid choice and soft to the touch, which would be nice if you were to touch her and have enough time to enjoy it before she started chanting in tongues and causing blisters to start sprouting all over the hand.

Anyway, where were we? Ah right, the part where Annalee gladly accepts your invitation and takes the box of cheez-its right out of your hand before sitting down on a crystal-bedecked bean bag cushion that doesn't have any dirt on it, putting her feet up on the nearby clothes pile (open toe sandals still on, of course), and munching on a few cheez-its. "Sure thanks Elly-belly! We can have an 'over' if you want" (she does air quotes when she says over). "what you reading over there?"