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“...do you need a change of clothes?” Elodie awkwardly tries to imply that it’s her idea to give Annalee some clothes. “I, um, I could lend you one of my skirts?” They’re all a super pretty neon, or tie-die, or covered in cute little suns. “A-and... um...” please don’t ask to borrow her underwear please don’t ask please don’t ask anything else would be cool take her favorite shirt if you want but don’t make fun of her underwear

which is in its own separate “just in case of rewear” pile just under the bed

have mercy, please, for once in your life, Annalee
Annalee looks over at Elodie. "Yeah, guess I could use something. You can keep the skirt though, yours are a little too bright for me? But the shirt is good, thanks!" Annalee is a good friend Elodie. You should be less nervous. She wants to borrow your stuff, not push too hard. You're so nice all the time, so why should she be mean to you? On that note, now that you've got the nail polish and she's finished eating the cheez-its and put the shirt away, she walks over to where you are and simply picks up the book you tried to tuck away so she can take a look at it while you unscrew the nail polish. It's her space, after all, so she's not being inappropriate. She even pulls her sandal off while she glances over the first few pages of the book and puts her foot up on the cushion next to you so you can paint her toe. What a good friend, right?