So the book’s all about human mating rituals. Though, really, it’s mostly about mortal humans, right? Not kids like you and Elodie. And it’s all about what the teens these days are into, like trading Pogs and going to the drive-in movie theater. That, and advice on how to feed on them without them noticing that’s actually pretty skeevy. “Thirty-one ways to blow their mortal mind!” “Dealing with the Seal-Skin Dilemma.” “Mayflies and Mountains: how to handle the age gap.”

That’s about as much as you have time to absorb before Elodie tackles you, trying to pry the book away. “No! No! Not! For you! No! Be at rest! Be at rest!!” Silly Elodie, that’s how you’re supposed to handle the restless dead, not snooping hex-happy witches. “You! Are losing! Over privileges!!”

I’m bouncing this one back to you, actually. Someone ends up a) with the book, b) sitting on the other one, c) ideally when Carmen shows up, and I’m not picking who.