Thereís an instant when Elodie comes at her where Annalee is evaluating whether shes really serious, really violent. Blink and youíll miss it, she can tell Elodie isnít. And with that she gladly fined up the book and lets Elodie tackle her and sit on her. She puts up only a modicum of resistance, just enough to make it fun. If you havenít noticed, Annalee is not good at physical activity, like, at all.

When you have her on the ground though, and book secured, what you get isnít an apology, but a chuckle. ďHaving fun? I bet that was way better than toenail painting. And oh. my. gosh! Elly Belly! I didnít know you were into little Timmy! Thatís so cute. You should have just told me you wanted a turn, I promise I didnít use him all up. You be a good girl tonight and weíll have a fun sleepover and then Iíll let you take a shot at him. Assuming the poor thing survives the Angel tonight.Ē

Yes, thatís right, she already had him and now sheís dangling him before you like she owns him. I donít know if Elodie heard that rumor already or what, but Annaleeís straight up confirming it and telling you that youíre coming in 2nd place. Nothing you can do about it.

[Rolling to shut Elodie down and give her the Condition ď2nd place.Ē I got a 9 and Iím not in reach of that shirt to bump it up, so you get to give out a condition in return.]