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But don’t you feel a little greasy, Anna Banana? A little like a nasty creep skulking into other people’s lives? You should. Why don’t you go hang out in the basement with the ghouls and eat rotten bbq tenders? I’m sure that’s much more your speed.

[Inflicting “Creep” right back atcha!]

“Whatever. Let’s just get this Over over with,” Elodie says, wiping at her face to get rid of those incriminating tears. “You still want me to paint your nails, or are you saving that for your first date with him?” That doesn’t even make a lot of sense, as barbs go, Elodie! You gotta make up for it by putting some venom in it.
You'd think, right? But then again, you're talking to the girl that just straight up "borrowed" your sweaty shirt like it was no big deal. Creep is an accurate title, I think she'll own it, even if maybe in the right moment it might be something that really sticks and gives you leverage.

"No, you go ahead, it will give you good practice, Elly Belly." She gives her a little smile because we are still friends and aren't we having fun at our sleepover. "I'll take alternate orange and green, and then I'll do yours however you like, then we can get some sleep for tomorrow."