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Loaded up Vermilion for a look.

- Magneton Emperor is a quite effective expander.
- I forgot he's weak to fire. Trying to take on an AI Cinnabar expansion army with him was.. a poor decision (he got bogged down trying to trample Rapidash that he couldn't really hit because of their high defense, and then passed out burning and bleeding to death from heat auras. Oops.)
- Which reminds me, AI may actually be able to use pokemon halfway effectively, because in this particular case recruiting just swarms of whatever is cheapest actually is a somewhat reasonable play.
I'll take that as a compliment.

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- The Pikachu corps is quite effective. Thundershock as a 'use in melee' weapon may be more effective than intended - my combat logs for it don't show it rolling to hit, so it kind of looks like anybody in contact with a Pikachu is just getting auto-smacked with an Armor Negating, potentially stunning shot (which is pretty much what you'd expect for a point-blank ranged attack with how those work in Dominions. It's kind of like having Thunder Weapons on them, except the damage isn't capped.) Combine with the raw numbers of Pikachu you can generate or the increased durability of Heavy Pikachu and getting entangled with these guys is almost certainly going to come out worse for your troops, particularly if you can't match the attack density of a square full of 6 chus. Have not tried to make much use of Runners or Fliers yet, they don't seem too well suited to expansion (could probably mix in a few Runners on the traditional flank-and-attack-rear plan, tho.)
Yeah, the fliers and runners are meant as more specialized troops for specific scenarios.

Made the thunder attacks range 050 which means they have a 50% chance of being used in melee instead of all the time.

As for rolling to hit, I believe that's because it's still considered a ranged attack and those rolls usually don't show up. Plus at point-blank, it's basically impossible to miss.

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- Magnemites are looking kind of awesome as crowd-control fire support, with both Thundershock and a super high precision disable with Supersonic. Put a line of these behind your Heavy Pikachu or let them fire a couple turns before letting Lucha pikas loose to dismantle your enemies. I honestly almost think evolving them is a downgrade when they lose Supersonic, although much like with the Pikachus getting a point-blank Tri Attack in the face is going to be quite painful. Good prot, but having next to no HP is going to make them quite likely to die and/or get afflicted into nothing when they do come into melee.
Added supersonic to the Magnetons too.

Version 0.66 up

Spoiler: Changelog

-Thunder attacks changed from being useable all the time in melee to only 50% chance of being useable in melee.
-All Magnetons have supersonic now.
-Added Duel Charizard, Duel Charmeleon (cap only) and Duel Charizard (cap only, limited to 2/month) to Cinnabar city, all of those lose all fire-related abilities besides fire protection and are no longer sacred but get a neutral 10 range armor negating Dragon Rage attack that only deals 4 damage (no added Str) plus slightly better base stats and aren't coldblooded. Meant as a tool against fire-resistant enemies.
-Rapidash Riders got a 50% gold increase. That leaves the basic Rapidash Rider at 105 gold, which is just 10 gold cheaper than a Morvarc'h Knight, which are sacred and have a bunch of extra abilities and can sail to boot.