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It is possible to screw yourself lategame by the usual Elder Scrolls "picked the wrong the stats to level". My first character was a cutthroat thief and I had to finish the game never alerting an enemy. If I didn't one-hit backstab kill and the alarm went off, I could not take any enemy that faced me. I wound up sneaking through the entire final dungeon and only beat Alduin by save scumming.
I know that feeling. 8/10 of my thieves are hopelessly lost when I do a few hours of stealing, lock picking and sneaking because suddenly bandits hit like a truck and have nearly infinite HP.

I am always in complete awe how good Mercer is with his two blades when I finished up the thieves' guild though he should just be decent at attacking (and life leech), he is always one of the harder obstacles in the games. But I have yet to play a thief character without save scumming.