For the past year I have been running a new campaign with a mostly new group, and writing a diary of how each session went, and after reading some fascinating APs on this forum and others I think its time that I shared mine with you all.

The system is a simplified version of my own Heart of Darkness system (link in signature). It is a character driven Gothic fantasy adventure game, the setting is like a cross between The Dark Tower and Princess Mononoke and the game system is like a cross between Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Exalted, but the write ups are written in a system agnostic manner so that anyone who is familiar with fantasy RPG tropes should have no trouble following along.

As many of you may know, I have had a long history of gaming horror stories that I have shared with these forums, and this game is no exception. Though it is by far the most drama-free group I have ever been in, there has still been more than a couple incidents, and I will close each story with an OOC note about what happened during and after the session as well as my creative inspirations going into it.

I hope you enjoy!