The Hunt for Pipzy

Plink would like to take the full wolfy cavalry, so 10 total riders in the hunting party. Plink will be one, any of the PC's that wish to come are of course invited, and the rest preferably filled with Plink loyalists.

The mission is- As quickly as possible, use the wolves ability to track by scent and run down Pipzy and her co-conspirators. The idea is to move quickly so that they don't get away, but not foolishly. We are still in unfamiliar territory, and we don't want to run afoul of any predators or biggers. so caution and quiet are the words of the day. Plink would also caution the group that Pipzy may have set traps or ambushes for any who follow her. When they are found, they are not to be killed outright, unless they are violent.

Since the wolves and many warriors will be away from the caves, Plink would order double sentries, and limit movement outside the cave until the hunting party returns. He also "lets it slip", publicly, that he wishes he had a strong lieutenant to rely on, and Oh, how that lieutenant would be rewarded.