Looked at version .66

*I like the new Duel line. It helps a lot that the nation has something that can fight in the cold.
*Rappiddash knights still trash indies. But at least they are expensive now.
*Not certain if Double Kick is perhaps a little OP. 2 str 13 AP hits becomes straight up disgusting with fire power.
*Not certain if Charizard is a bit to expensive to be worth using. Yes its a flying blender. But its also fragile. Kinda dislike Fire Power values above 1 on anything besides gods.
*Its kinda a shame that Charizard Champion is mostly useable as a flying spellcaster. Its just not survivable.
Even its main defensive buff, mistform, kinda becomes trash when fighting other pokemon nations.
*Ninetails also seems a little pricy.

I have also been thinking about the general balance of the pokemon nations.
And how they were mean to measure up with regular nations.
At the moment their attack density is insane.
But i was wondering if giving them all bad formation fighter across the board would solve that.