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Annalee settles in with her foot in place to let Elodie get started, wiggles her toes a little, and sits up with a nod to show Elodie that she is paying very close attention. Her makeup is a little smeared, she'll have to fix that in the morning, but right now she's giving Elodie her full and focused attention. "Got it. Tell me all about your rules, I wouldn't want to break one by accident."

[I think the fiction demands that she is trying to turn Elodie on here, despite how bad Annalee is at that. 3. I give you this gift, Thanqol.]
The door crashes inwards dramatically and a ninja soars into the room dramatically!

And then crashes hard directly into the ground and doesn't move.

Razor sharp high heels click into the room. Alex Malkarovic, Queen of Darkness, black and red and poison, strides in confidently and puts a foot on the dazed girl's neck. "Good evening, Annalee and... companion," she said, glancing down at the scene with the perfect smugness of someone whose toenails were naturally red. "I was just happening by and I noticed this lovely little mortal eavesdropping on you, the blackguard! And of course, I thought," and here she dropped a large, serrated knife on the floor directly in front of you, "you would like the opportunity to make an example of her yourself."

Behind Alex a small posse of watchers and hangers on are starting to poke their heads in through the door, or climb the tower to press their faces against the glass. And despite everything, this isn't Alex being mean - she's been trying to get on your good side for a while now, and in her mind this is how that is done.