If possible I want to avoid Cinnabar City just becoming "charizard spam: the nation", so it's intended that you can't just break a solid enemy formation with just them. Plus a flying fire/air caster has merit on its own. Still a few charizards that can properly trash things would be nice, so added a national item, Charizard Charcoal, that adds +10 HP, Ironskin, +5 Def, +5 MR for 10 fire gems at Construction 2 and can only be equiped by Charizards. For the record, it's indeed possible to make custom items that only a select units can equip, so there's a lot of potential there.
Yeah the potential is staggering there.
Its of course a lot of work to add national items like this.
But if for example shiny pokemon were given a head slot, and perhaps 1-2 more misc slots.
Then they could be turned into light SC's in a balanced fashion.
Maybe make the con 2 item just give Stoneskin?
And then create a con 4 ironscale version? Maybe make it cursed, and represent hammering shards of fire/earth gems into every single scale to harden them?
Make the HP/reinvigoration item a seperate slot? Charizard gym weights.

Else. I will try and take a look at Pewter city again.
And see how they measure up with bad formation fighter to balance their attack density.