Hmm.. the problem is then of course. That you cant upgrade from the stoneskin to the ironskin version.
Perhaps its only the final version that should stick. Ill try and think about that some more.


Is perhaps a little to effective at crushing indies.
Expansion were 19 provinces without an awake expander.
And while testing different types of pokemon.

-Maybe Rhyhorn rider shouldnt have pierce/slash resistance. In return they could get another couple hp. And a 10 gold discount.
-try and cut a point of prot from geodude? and a single hp.
- maybe change Rhyhorn to just crush resistance? it seems more like a rino than a rock monster. Perhaps cut it 5 gold
-Kabuto and Omanyte meanwhile seems kinda useless. Maybe a 5-10 gold discount on them?
- is it intentional that the site spells both require highlands instead of mountains?